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Samford in the News – Week of Jan. 7

Posted by Philip Poole on 2013-01-11

 A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list.

Ponder Discusses Mercury Spill Costs

Morgan Ponder, Samford University's chemistry department chair, was interviewed about a mercury spill at a Birmingham-area school. "If you walked into this room and told me that someone had broken a thermometer, then all of this room would be contaminated, and so yeah, that would be pretty extensive," Ponder said about the cost of the clean-up.


Kottmeyer Speaks on Small Business Loans

Brock School of Business professor John Kottmeyer was quoted in a Jan. 8 story published by al.com and picked up by several other media outlets on an increase in small business loans through the U.S. Treasury Department. "It's really a well thought out program," Kottmeyer said. "This is one of those kind of rifle shots, where it's a very specific program for a very specific sector: lenders who didn't have access to funds."


Holloway Discusses Tax Increase Impact

Betsy Holloway, Brock School of Business marketing professor, was quoted in a Jan. 8 story published by al.com on the impact of the Social Security payroll tax increase. "It sounds small, but it's real and it's concerning, especially given the economic climate we're operating in. "With people living paycheck to paycheck in many cases, especially in our state, it's concerning."


Samford Featured in Story on Employment Rates

A current student, an administrator and a faculty member were featured in a Jan. 4 story on Birmingham's CBS affiliate about the employment prospects for current students and recent graduates. "It's still a tough job market out there. A lot of the employers I talk to in the community have hundreds of applicants for every job they post," said Benjamin Bailey of Samford's Career Development Center. Also quoted were Brock School of Business faculty member Barbara Cartledge and current student Jamie Holmes.


White Speaks on Collegiate Licensing

Sports marketing program director and business school faculty member Darin White was featured in a Jan. 4 story published by al.com and related media outlets on the impact of collegiate sports licensing. With its consistent position at or near the top of the polls in recent years (the University of) Alabama "already has a very strong brand name" and is unlikely to see its merchandise sales increase so drastically, White said.


Bulldogs Get Historic Win at Charleston

The Samford University men's basketball team won for the first-time ever against Southern Conference rival College of Charleston on Jan. 10. The news garnered attention from media outlets from coast to coast, and the resulting overnight free publicity was valued at more than $26,000.

 Samford Sports

Alums' Not Forgotten Ministry Featured

Alumni Tyler and Allison Fuqua are featured in a front page story in the January issue of The Homewood Star about their Not Forgotten ministry in Peru. "If they can see love in gringos, we hope they can start to see the love of God," said Allison Fuqua.


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