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Samford in the News – May 2014

Posted by Philip Poole on 2014-06-13

 A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list.

New Software Implementation Garners International Attention

Samford University’s implementation of a new admission management system called UniCAS generated international  media  attention. Marian Carter, assistant dean in Samford’s College of Health Sciences, said, “We value Liaison and their ability to make our admissions and enrollment processes more effective. With Liaison’s CAS and UniCAS solutions, we have important data readily available to keep all stakeholders informed about our applicants, where they are in the process, and how many are likely to enroll.”

White Tapped for National AMA Post

Business faculty member Darin White’s appointment as chair of the American Marketing Association’s Sports Marketing Special Interest Group drew attention from local and professional media outlets. “This is a very prestigious honor to have one of our professors chosen to chair this position at the national level,” said Howard Finch, Brock School of Business dean. “Darin’s passion for sports will make him very successful in this role.”

Carden Op-Ed Addresses New Justice Department Practices on Banking

In an opinion column distributed by depositaccounts.com, economics faculty member Art Darden discussed new U.S. Justice Department efforts to “clamp down” on fraudwithin electronic payments systems. “When we take a higher-level view and see this as more than just a specific regulatory solution to a specific problem in the electronic payments sector, an important picture emerges,” Carden said. “That picture is the pattern of market and regulatory responses to information problems, fraud, and…regulation.”

Student Winners Announced in Regions Competition

The winners in the annual New Ventures Challenge sponsored by Regions Bank were featured in a story distributed by al.com. Franz Lohrke, entrepreneurship professor, said some students use the money to pay for school and others use it to fuel their business plans. A few businesses have been launched out of the Open Division over the years.

Law School Featured in Story on Supreme Court Justices

Cumberland School of Law trailed only three Ivy League schools in the number of graduates who have served as U.S. Supreme Court justices, according to a story distributed by Huffington Post.  “No surprise Harvard University is the top school, followed by Yale and Columbia. Trailing those Ivy League schools are Samford University in Alabama, Stanford University in California, Northwestern University in Illinois and the University of Cincinnati,” said the story.

George Urges Help for Christians in Middle East

Divinity dean Timothy George signed "Pledge of Solidarity and Call to Action” to help Christians in the Middle East. A story distributed widely, including townhall.com, said the pledge “urges the Obama administration to institute a review to certify that U.S. foreign aid supports religious freedom and pluralism. In addition, the statement calls for the American government to provide assistance for refugees.”

Death of Former Secret Service Agent and Alumnus

The death of Howard College alumnus and former U.S. Secret Service agent Lem Johns of Birmingham drew national and international media attention. The story mentioned Samford and talked about Johns’ career. He was with President John Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon Johnson the day of Kennedy’s assassination. Johns is pictured in iconic photos from Nov. 22, 1963 aboard the presidential plane where Johnson was sworn in during a hastily-arranged ceremony. Johns was assigned to Johnson's security detail at the time of the shooting and was riding in the motorcade when the shots were fired.”

Samford Campus Lands on a New “Most Beautiful” List

Samford’s campus is featured on a new list of the 50 most beautiful campuses in the world distributed by ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org and reported by national and international media outlets. "Beyond both academic and religious teaching, certain Christian universities and colleges around the world stand out for the special beauty of their campuses," said lead editor J. Shane. "We created this list to shine a spotlight on those schools for people who see entering higher education as a chance to nurture their knowledge and spirituality but perhaps didn't realize they could do so with such stunning surroundings."

Biggio Speaks to Nigerian Kidnappings

In an interview aired by Birmingham’s Fox affiliate, assistant provost and political science faculty member Nancy Biggio responded to breaking news about the Nigerian school girls who had been kidnapped. “What is different this time (about the militants) is that they eyes of the world are on them,” Biggio said, “because of the social media campaign, because of the outrage among Western countries for the taking of these children.”

Law Alumnus Named Counsel for New Investment Company

John Dinan, a 1981 Cumberland School of Law graduate, has been named general counsel for a new Dallas-based investment strategies company, according to a story distributed widely by national and international media outlets. “As general counsel for Preston Hollow Capital, Mr. Dinan’s responsibilities will include oversight of legal and compliance matters, transaction negotiation, documentation and execution, as well as the application of his specialized expertise in credit-related matters,” company president John Thompson noted.

Samford Alumni Facilitate Graduation Surprise

Samford alumni MaryAnn Buffington Moon and R. Albert Mohler helped facilitate a surprise graduation in Huntsville, Ala., for Jamin Bailey, according to a story widely distributed by al.com. His young son’s hospitalization prevented Bailey from attending his graduation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. Mohler and seminary officials stepped in to provide a virtual graduation, and Moon helped secure appropriate regalia for the hospital ceremony.

Hartzog Discusses Cyber Obscurity in Wired

In a column distributed by Wired, law faculty member Woodrow Hartzog and a coauthor discussed “the right to be forgotten” by search engines.We get it. ‘The Right to Be Forgotten’ sounds catchy. And, yes, the language of ‘erasure’ laws and ‘disappearing’ messages is captivating,” the authors wrote. “Unfortunately, these popular words are fatally inaccurate in the privacy context. As a result, critics risk tackling irrelevant arguments about unattainable perfection while advocates and consumers are invited to place their hopes in a technology that is doomed never to be fully successful.”

Cyclist Toone Discusses Safety from Multiple Perspectives

In early May, mathematics faculty member Brian Toone was featured in a story distributed by al.com about the physical and economic impact of cycling. Toone, a cycling enthusiast, said“I ride my bike to work and back every day, saving over $35 per week in gas alone for the 14-mile commute. Yes, there are dangerous elements to riding with so much traffic in the Birmingham area, but most of the drivers I encounter are courteous.” Ironically, Toone was injured in a hit-and-run cycling just before the story appeared. A few weeks later, he was quoted in television interviews about the Ride of Silence to honor those killed in cycling accidents. It's an accident that could have easily cost him his life, Toone explained. As a result his jaw was broken in two places and wired shut but it hasn't slowed Toone down. It's a move he said is actually helping with the healing process both emotionally and physically.

Wormely’s Whistle Invention Gets Media Attention

An invention by 1990 business graduate Stanley Wormely was featured in a story widely distributed by al.com. Wormely invented a whistle for basketball officials that cut down on germs and bacteria spread by broken or well-worn whistles. "Biggest thing is one thing I would like to say, just the fact if you have an idea or a concept not to sleep on it," Wormely said. "You never know how far you can actually take it. No matter how crazy you think the idea is, it could possibly work if you put your mind to it.

George Speaks to Carter’s Decision to Leave SBC

Divinity dean Timothy George was quoted in a story distributed by The Baptist Standard about former President Jimmy Carter and the Southern Baptist Convention. George said he was sorry to see Carter leave the SBC and thought his emphasis on the differing views on women was “out of proportion” . . . but he respects the former president for his attempts to bring Baptists together and his efforts to eradicate overlooked tropical diseases such as Guinea worm. “He’s done so many wonderful things in his humanitarian role, which grows out of his faith,” George said.

Ross Speaks to Judicial Involvement in Political Events

Law professor William G. Ross was quoted in a recent story distributed by The Capital Times about a judge who refused to recuse himself from a case involving donors who had funded some of his political trips. He said judges could avoid the question by simply refraining from attending political events. "I'm bothered by judges attending events with political overtones. Even if they're not violations of any rule or statute it still troubles me that judges would place themselves in a position where these questions would even need to be asked."

Based on the university’s media tracking services, Samford received 541 mentions in various media outlets during this period. Other stories that generated multiple local, regional and/or national attention included athletics, arts, candidates with Samford ties who were running for political office, area high school graduations held on campus, and hometown stories about student achievements.


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