Samford University


The Class/Department Representatives will:

  1. Attend Meetings and events unless they notify the Officers and the Prelaw Advisor of their absence.
  2. Recruit members from class, department, or other organizations whenever possible.
  3. Act as liaison between class or department that they represent and Society leadership.
  4. Form and Act as Select Committees to Organize and Arrange Events.
  5. Attend all Meetings and Events which they help plan.
  6. Attend Periodic Organizational Meetings with Officers unless they notify the Officers of their absence.
  7. Work to Promote the Society through classes, campus activities, or other avenues.

Advisor will:

  1. Meet with the officers a minimum of once every two weeks except when circumstances do not allow.
  2. Work with the President to create a Semester-Long Budget.

The Members of the Prelaw Advisory Board will:

  1. Help organize meetings and events whenever possible.
  2. Make Prelaw Society Announcements in classes and encourage other members of the faculty to do so.