Samford University

Campus Communication

Patrol and dispatch services are provided 24 hours a day, with immediate access to municipal emergency services. The Department of Public Safety's radio communications operators cover telephones and two-way radios on a 24-hour basis to give information, respond to emergencies and contact other agencies. Officers and dispatchers can immediately contact the city of Homewood’s fire department, emergency, Emergency Medical Service and police department by the Department of Public Safety’s radio system.

The Department of Public Safety monitors the National Weather Service radio network. A campus-wide alerting system notifies the campus community of threatening weather conditions.

Blue-light emergency phones are located throughout the campus. When the emergency phone is activated, the Department of Public Safety dispatcher is automatically alerted, and an officer is sent to the location of the telephone. No dialing is required. The person activating the phone should try to describe the emergency in as much detail as possible to the dispatcher.