Samford University


24-Hour Emergency Response
In an effort to provide the best possible emergency services to Samford’s community, the Department of Public Safety maintains a close working relationship with the Homewood Police Department and the Homewood Fire and Rescue Service. Public safety officers have the shortest response time to any location on campus and are the first responders to incidents on campus. If fire or emergency medical services are needed, public safety officers will respond to the scene and direct appropriate service units to the exact location of an incident on campus. 
Facility Security
Administrative and academic buildings are secured as soon as possible after the offices close or, in the case of a classroom building, after the last class of the day. Through routine patrols, public safety officers make regular checks of each building to ensure they remain secure until scheduled opening time.
Jump Start Batteries
The Department of Public Safety will jump-start your battery to assist in starting your vehicle. The department can also help contact a service center or towing service.
Law Enforcement
Public safety police officers are charged with enforcing the laws and ordinances of the State of Alabama and the City of Homewood. Officers conduct investigations into and document all crimes and offenses committed on Samford University property.
Lost and Found
A lost and found service for displaced property is provided by the Department of Public Safety. Found property may be turned in at the public safety office so that it may be returned to the proper owner.
Nighttime Campus Access Control Gate
At 10 p.m. every day, the main gate onto campus is closed and all access on and off campus is made at the Southwest gate. The public safety department maintains a substation at the southwest gate and an officer is posted there from 10 p.m. until dawn to monitor persons coming on or leaving campus. Individuals entering or departing the campus are subject to security checks for valid identification, campus destination or other relevant information.
Residence Hall Security Checks
Public safety personnel make routine security checks of the residence halls checking for building safety and security. The Department of Public Safety will respond to all reports of fire alarms and safety hazards. Routine fire drills are conducted for students living in residence halls to familiarize them with emergency evacuation procedures and exit routes from their rooms.
Safety Escorts
The Department of Public Safety provides a safety escort service for all students to any safe destination on campus during the day or night. The escort service is provided for safety-related reasons only. Because there is safety in numbers, groups of three or more students are encouraged to walk to their destination. The escort is given by either foot or vehicular patrol.
Security Patrols
The Department of Public Safety continuously patrols the campus with patrol vehicles, foot patrol, and mountain bikes. The department maintains three vehicles for patrol and escort services. Officers often patrol campus by walking through the quad and building areas. The department also maintains a mountain bike patrol unit to combine the ability to maneuver quickly with accessibility to the public.
Samford ID Cards
The Department of Public Safety issues the Samford card to students, staff and faculty of the university. All Samford students are issued a Samford card at no cost. Replacement cards are available from public safety for a fee.
Unlocking Vehicles
In most cases, when someone locks their keys inside their vehicle, public safety officers will open their vehicle for them using a door-unlocking device. For officer safety reasons, the department will not attempt to unlock a vehicle equipped with side impact air bags. If public safety cannot unlock your vehicle, there are several locksmiths in the area who can be contacted to assist you.