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Operation Identification

You can help stop a thief by participating in Operation Identification (Operation ID). Operation ID involves a small amount of time and effort on your part. An engraver and  property inventory form(s)  can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety on a first come-first served basis. There is no fee for this service.

What Number to Use

The most effective number is your state driver's license number. Place the abbreviation of the state it was issued in after the number. Police across the United States have access to this number through state motor vehicle records.

What to Mark and How

The engraver will mark steel, plastic, glass, wood, or any hard surface. It requires no special skills. DO NOT press down on the engraver; allow the engraver to etch smooth, even lines. Metal or plastic parts are best for making a smooth, legible mark. For unmarkable items such as jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, etc., place the object against a plain background and take several still photos from different angles. Retain all photos with your property inventory form(s) in a safe location.

Bicycle Theft Prevention

A bicycle represents a substantial investment and is a popular item of theft. Bicycle racks are available in most areas of the campus and students are expected to use them rather than securing the bicycle to other objects. A bicycle that is secured to an object that can be damaged or that impedes foot or vehicular traffic will be removed and impounded. Most bicycle thefts can be prevented by the proper use of a high security U-shaped bar. The U-shaped bar is made of solid construction and prevents the defeat of pry bars,hammers, hacksaws, and bolt cutters. The U-shaped bar is made to go around the bike rack, bike seat tube and through either one or both wheels. DO NOT leave your bike in an isolated area! Bicycles should be secured in designated bike rack areas.

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