January 26, 2007

A View of the Quad

The first in a series of observations from Samford University President Andrew Westmoreland to be featured in Belltower

Samford President Andrew WestmorelandI’ve lived my life in semesters for so long that I am relatively certain I couldn’t abide the length of an undivided year.  Those of us who work within the academic environment have multiple opportunities to begin again, and—just around the corner—we face the start of the spring term at Samford. 

The beginning of the spring semester coincides with the intense portion of our budget planning for the next academic year.  This spring, as the members of the University Council confront the challenges of allocating Samford’s resources, we are attempting to examine our priorities through the six key areas of our emerging strategic plan:  diverse community, personal faith, teaching, learning, research, and sensitivity to global issues.

Every time that I work to build a budget, I’m reminded of the story told about Abraham Lincoln, in which a neighbor saw Lincoln consoling his three sons on a street in Springfield, Ill.  The neighbor asked why the children were crying.  Lincoln replied, “It is the same problem that afflicts the world.  I have three walnuts and each boy wants two.” 

Our wants will always exceed our resources, but it is our intention to work through the budgeting process this year to provide clarity and a strong sense of direction for the future of Samford University.  I remain grateful to all our friends for the extraordinary support that enables our work to go forward.

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