March 14, 2008

News: WVSU Heard Around The World, Students Relocated After Roof Collapse

WVSU Heard Around The World

WVSU-FM 91.1, Samford’s jazz-format radio station, can be heard around the world thanks to the internet. A graphic representation of visits or “hits” on WVSU’s website hints at the station’s international reach (see map).

WVSU General Manager Andy Parrish Parrish said the most intriguing hits—which suggest an Indian audience for smooth jazz—are explained by the presence of a “missionary kid” among WVSU’s on-air staff. “I know the India hits came from Alyssa Aldape’s family,” Parrish explained. “They listen to her airshift!”

Other non-U.S. hits are concentrated in western Europe, at least at the time of Parrish’s statistical snapshot. “This represents only about a week’s worth of hits on the WVSU website,” Parrish said, “but it looks we’re getting folks from far and wide.”

Although the statistics measure hits rather than online listeners, Parrish said site traffic patterns suggest that many people are visiting the main WVSU page and quickly clicking on the “Listen To WVSU” option.

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Students Relocated After Roof Collapse

While awaiting reports from structural engineers, Samford University officials have continued the recovery and follow up process from the March 9 roof collapse at Erskine Ramsay Hall, a 50-year-old west campus building. No one was injured in the incident.

Recent activities include:

Samford’s long-standing emergency response plan was immediately implemented after the collapse. Within minutes of the building's evacuation, residence life staff had accounted for all 32 residents, including those not in the building at the time of the collapse. Samford's campus safety staff and the Homewood Fire Department responded immediately, and other university officials were on campus within minutes of the collapse.

Erskine Ramsay Hall, comprised of eight apartments, was built in the 1950s to serve as a residence hall for faculty members. The two-story brick-and-concrete block structure later was converted to student housing.

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