July 7, 2006

Samford Community Supports Troops In Afghanistan

"... Andy Parrish, General Manager of Samford's WVSU radio station, was the first to respond..."

WVSU logoIn early June the web site of the Radio & Records company posted American serviceman Corey Woodard's request for a shipment of smooth jazz CDs to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Andy Parrish, general manager of Samford's WVSU radio station, was the first to respond.

"When I first read of the letter from Woodard to [jazz keyboardist] Jeff Lorber, I was a little surprised we had troops requesting smooth jazz," Parrish said. "It's not the soundtrack I imagine for 20-year-olds in combat, but I suppose they need to unwind, too."

Parrish quickly collected the WVSU's extra promotional CDs to send to Afghanistan. "I thought I'd also include a thank you note expressing our gratitude and support for their service, and assumed others in the Samford community might wish to do the same," he said. "In just a few days, I received dozens of cards and letters from SU employees to send in the package."

Parrish said he was also motivated to help by the Iraq experience of an acquaintance's son, a soldier who had to pay for his meals while serving in Iraq and buy his own plane ticket home from the war. "Stories like that really make you want do whatever you can to help," Parrish said, "especially if it's as simple as sending a few CD's and well wishes."

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