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The Gift of a Broader Horizon
"...Now, out of 'a heart of thanksgiving' for the gifts she received as a Samford student, Cummings is giving a new generation of Samford students the opportunity to see the world and be humbled and changed by it..."
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Enron Whistleblower Tells Chilling Tale of Corporate Ruin
"... 'It's the slow steps to disaster we all must pay attention to,' she said, because even a relatively small ethical lapse--stealing a company pen or padding an expense account--'dulls your sense of right and wrong' and compromises willingness to speak out against more significant lapses..."
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Mary V. Thompson Remembers the ’70s
"...It seems that we were all sort of misfits--either because we were non-Greeks, from out-of-state, not Baptist, weren't planning to get married right away, didn't fit the "Miss Alabama/Samford Girl" image...whatever. We tended to be noisy and irreverent and loved playing pranks..."
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Open House Will Showcase New Math and Computer Science Facilities
"... attendees may tour the new math and computer science facilities, view demonstrations of how faculty members are teaching in their new environment, see some of the work math and computer science students and faculty are doing, and enjoy refreshments and fellowship..."
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National Art Exhibit Opens At Samford
"...The Watercolor Society of Alabama’s 63rd Annual National Show, featuring 80 paintings from throughout the Unites States, will be open to the public in the Samford Art Gallery March 1-26..."
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Mark Your Calendar for Homecoming 2004!
"...Samford University Homecoming 2004 will be held October 29-31..."
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March 19 Application Deadline for Alabama Governor's School Class of 2004
"...Do you know any outstanding junior-class students enrolled in an Alabama public or private high school?..."
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