Samford University The BelltowerMay 2004

Earth Day Events Focus on Environmental Awareness, Stewardship

“…'For every action of man, there is a consequence, good or bad'…"

"If you love the creator, take care of His creation," Restoring Eden founder Peter Illyn advised Samford University students during a special Earth Day convocation on April 22.

Illyn's remarks came during a day devoted to environmental awareness and stewardship.

Elsewhere on campus, exhibits sponsored by student and community groups highlighted sometimes surprising connections between academic subjects and environmental stewardship. Jerry de Bin, chief of information and education for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural resources, made similar points the night before during a lecture sponsored by Samford's Vulcan Materials Center for Environmental Stewardship and Education.

"No matter what your major or your job,” de Bin said, “there is a direct connection with natural resources." He also warned of the consequences of poor stewardship. "There is an end to resources," he said. "For every action of man, there is a consequence, good or bad."

The following Earth Day prizes were awarded during an afternoon concert by the Samford Wind Ensemble:

Art Exhibition
First Prize ($200 and a $35 gift certificate from Nabeel’s Café and Market) Kaydee Conniff, untitled series of two photos
Second Prize ($100) Abby Banks, "Landscape Drawing"
Third Prize ($50) Heather Haberkern, "Love Photo"
Earth Day Exhibit Competition
Best of Event Department of Classics 
Dr. Vann's Most Creative Award Department of Classics
Best Use of Theme Jessica Brewer, Meredith McDonough, Jared Myers and Beth Vittitow, "National Parks" (George Keller's Scientific Methods class)
Most Informative Alabama Rivers Alliance
Most Interactive Department of Classics
Greatest Organizational Support Target Earth/Communication Studies
100% Class Participation Award Mary McCullough’s French 302
Eden Restored Sculpting Competition
First Prize Shelby Ames, "Flower of Paradise" 
Second Prize Jennifer Vaughn, "Untitled Monkey" 
Third Prize Kristi Coupland, "Elephant & Fish"
Environmental Information Scavenger Hunt (tie)
  Rebecca Smith 
  Hannah Gordon


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Earth Day Events Focus on Environmental Awareness, Stewardship
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