GREG '95 and KARI SCHUMANN ARMSTRONG '95 of Philadelphia, Pa., a daughter, Ashley Claire, born Dec. 27, 2001.
Chuck and POLLY WAITE BENNETT '92 of Alabaster, a son, Grant, born March 29, 2001.
Brandon and EUGENIA GLENN BLASSINGAME '93 of Arlington, Texas, a daughter, Sara Ann, born Dec. 11, 2001.
Jim and MARLA HEARN BOREN '92 of Decatur, Ga., a daughter, Macy Margaret, born Jan. 9, 2002.
Mike and MARTHA RAY EDWARDS BOWLING '90 of Hartselle, a son, Evan Michael, born Nov. 26, 2001.
Melissa and THOMAS BROWN '90 of Dothan, a daughter, Olivia Tucker, born Feb. 5, 2001.
James T. and TERESA HELMS BYERS '79 of Houston, Texas, a daughter, Jennifer Danielle, born Jan. 5, 2002.
Phillip and KAREN MANGUM CARNES '88 of Hartselle, a son, Jonathan Phillip, born Aug. 15, 2001.
Tammy and WILLIAM ROBBY CHUMLEY L'97 of Reidville, S.C., a son, Thomas Hampton, born Nov. 7, 2001.
Christopher '94 and KHRISTAN DEICHERT CIMINO '94 of Knoxville, Tenn., a daughter, Katherine Klaire, born Sept. 29, 2001.
Brent and ANDREA MICHELLE WILLIAMS COLEMAN '95 of Helena, a daughter, Sophia Michelle, born Nov. 6, 2001.
BRIAN NEAL '97 and JENNIFER ADMIRE CRISP '96 of Charleston, Tenn., a son, Jonathan Everett, born Dec. 24, 2001.
Phillip and LEIGH BOSTON CUMMINGS '94 of Jackson, Tenn., twin sons, Ryan Matthew and Holden Michael, born May 17, 2001.
NATHAN '97 and DIANE DANNER DAVIS '97 of Maylene, a daughter, Anna Katherine, born June 8, 2001.
Jimmy and TAWANNA MILLER DRAKE '99 of Donalsonville, Ga., a son, James Preston, born Aug. 10, 2001.
Brian and PATRICIA McCORT DUCKWORTH L'92 of Orlando, Fla., a son, Robert Wells Duckworth II, born May 18, 2001.
Wendi and JIM ECK M.B.A. '00 of Helena, a daughter, Rachel Brianne, born Nov. 20, 2001.
George and TRACEY FORD ETHERIDGE '94 of Montevallo, a son, John William Greyton, born Nov. 27, 2001.
Burt and KAREN GRISSOM FISHER '90 of Midland, Texas, a daughter, Katherine Amelia, born July 26, 2001.
Kevin and CAROLYN BRICK FLEEMAN '94 of Acworth, Ga., a daughter, Mackenzie Anne, born Nov. 10, 2001.
Hope and DAVID GAINEY '91, M.Div. '95, of Tucson, Ariz., a daughter, Faith, born Nov. 20, 2001.
William and CHRISTY COWEN GAMBLE '94 of Brentwood, Tenn., a son, Bennett William, born Nov. 27, 2001.
CRAIG '00 and BRIDGET TOWNSEND GILLEY '99 of Moody, a daughter, Aleya Grace, born April 18, 2001.
MATT '95 and COURTNEY AYCOCK GRILL '96 of Birmingham, a daughter, Catherine Taylor, born Sept. 26, 2001.
GRANT '92 and TERRI RICHARDS GUFFIN '91 of Collierville, Tenn., a son, Elijah Drew, born Jan. 27, 2002.
BRANDT '95 and CHERYL GRAY GULLY '95 of Marietta, Ga., a daughter, Peyton Elisabeth, born Aug. 6, 2001.
Bruce and MICHELLE HANKINS GUST '92 of Nashville, Tenn., a daughter, Vivian Joy, born Nov. 16, 2001.
STEVEN M. '94 and AMY PERKINS HARRIS '93 of Knoxville, Tenn., a daughter, Morgan Ann, born Jan. 12, 2002.
CHRIS SCOTT '93 and CRISTY JAMES HOWELL '93 of Knoxville, Tenn., a son, Cole, born June 19, 2001.
Cindy and THOMAS CAMERON HUIE, Jr. '89 of Morris, a son, Thomas Cameron III, born Sept. 28, 2001.
Renae and THOMAS EDWIN JAMES '96 of Acworth, Ga., a daughter, Kaitlyn Renae, born Feb. 20, 2001.
RAYMOND '96 and ALYSON DIANE PERRY JARVIS '99 of Palm Harbor, Fla., a son, Gabriel Joshua, born Nov. 27, 2001.
Rhonda and MARK JOHN KALETSKI '94 of Birmingham, twin daughters, Meagan and Meredith, born June 5, 2000.
Alan and MALEA MARTIN KIDD '96 of Birmingham, a daughter, Chloe Ellesse, born Aug. 17, 2001.
Martha Price and STEPHEN LEONARD '91 of Nashville, Tenn., a daughter, Margaret Isabelle, born Sept. 2, 2001.
Timothy and TRISHA MILLER MANARIN '92 of Carmel, Ind., a son, Peter Livingstone, born Nov. 16, 2001.
Forrest and MELISSA BURCH McCULLAR '92 of Cullman, a son, Kody James, born March 30, 2001.
MICHELLE McKENZIE '97 and Boyd Trulove of Birmingham, a son, Benjamin McKenzie Trulove, born Jan. 30, 2002.
Don and HEATHER HUDSON McMURRY '93 of Soddy Daisy, Tenn., a son, Zach, born Sept. 11, 2001.
James and CHRISTA BUTLER McNABB '90 of Madison, a daughter, Megan, born July 8, 2001.
Andrea and KENNETH MEINCKE '92 of Orlando, Fla., a son, Joshua Jonathan, born May 13, 2001.
Ray and KATHRYN ROBERTS NIGHTINGALE '95 of Braintree, England, a son, Brandon Lewis, born Aug. 19, 2001.
Rick and RACHAEL MARTINDALE O'BAR L'98 of Boise, Idaho, a son, Aaron James, born May 10, 2001.
NATHAN '96 and WENDI KUNTZ PARVIN '97, '00, of Birmingham, a daughter, Evie Grace, born Jan. 31, 2002.
Naren and CHARLOTTE BRICK PATEL '95 of Marietta, Ga., a daughter, Emily, born Oct. 25, 2001.
Scott and SHARON LINETTE PATTON '92 of Townley, a son, Benjamin, born Dec. 10, 2001.
CONSTANTINE THEODORE '95 and ROBIN SCHLOSSER POULOS '95 of Acworth, Ga., a daughter, Elisabeth Anne, born Dec. 10, 2001.
JEFFREY '92 and KIMBERLY MORRIS QUIETT '92 of Tomball, Texas, the adoption of a daughter, Kailey Xinfeng, born Jan. 2, 2001, adopted Dec. 31, 2001.
Bill and SHEREE BAKER RAMSEY '96 of Little Rock, Ark., a son, Carson Musteen, born Oct. 4, 2001.
Tina and MARK RANDALL '86 of Bangkok, Thailand, a son, Matt Leeland, born Oct. 18, 2001.
Danny and JAMIE GUY RATLIFF '97 of Montgomery, a son, Daniel Brody, born June 11, 2001.
Barbi and DAVID G. REVEL '80 of Chelsea, a daughter, Marissa-Darlene, born June 5, 2001.
Terry and CHARLOTTE HEMPHILL RUMORE '95 of Birmingham, a daughter, Elizabeth Naomi, born Oct. 13, 2001.
Jonathan and ANNALEE BALDWIN RUWE '95 of Wiesbaden, Germany, a son, Joshua Christopher, born Oct. 31, 2001.
Joe and GINA SPITALE SANFORD '91 of Morgan City, La., a son, Joshua, born April 11, 2001.
ED '93 and KARA BRIDGES SEARCY '93 of Atlanta, Ga., a daughter, Olivia Susanne, born Oct. 4, 2001.
Michael and LESLIE PATRICK SIMS '93 of Quinton, a son, Logan Tucker, born March 4, 2002.
Jonathan and SHELLEY BROWN SMITH '98 of Russell Springs, Ky., twin sons, Colby James and Jackson Charles, born Sept. 28, 2001.
LEONARD '94 and KRISTIN BEEMAN SMITH '93 of Dry Ridge, Ky., a daughter, Rebekah Joy, born Dec. 23, 2001.
RICHARD '98 and DAWNN LACKEY SMITH '99 of Macon, Ga., a daughter, Madeleine, born Jan. 17, 2002.
Barry and LAURA INSKO SNYDER '95 of Atlanta, Ga., a daughter, Cameron Camille, born Feb. 14, 2002.
Steve and KIMBERLY COX STROHMEIER '95 of Atlanta, Ga., a daughter, Taylor Jane, born Nov. 9, 2001.
Stephen and NANCY LUSK TANNEBERG '88 of Savannah, Ga., a son, Jesse Nathaniel, born March 5, 2001
Rebecca and JOHN THOMAS '95 of Cordova, Tenn., a daughter, Abigail Elizabeth, born Jan. 28, 2002.
Glen and ASHLEY LYNNE SOUDERS THOMPSON '96 of Brookport, Ill., a daughter, Anna Lynley, born Feb. 5, 2002.
JON '91 and CHRISTINE LUCE VAN DYK '91 of Orlando, Fla., a daughter, Mary Katherine, born Oct. 11, 2001.
Chason and RACHEL CORTS WACHTER '90 of Spanish Fort, a son, Christian Carl, born Oct. 5, 2001.
NANCY VIRGINIA WHITEHOUSE '86 of Spokane, Wash., the adoption of a daughter, Kaili, born Nov. 5, 2000, and adopted Nov. 12, 2001.
Patrick and MICHELLE SCHINMAN WILDER '93 of Dothan, a daughter, Gabrielle Elizabeth, born July 9, 2001.
Scott and MARY ANN UPHAM WILL '96 of St. Petersburg, Fla., a daughter, Emily, born Oct. 25, 2001.
STEPHEN '98 and DARIA PARKER WILSON '98 of Mobile, triplets: Jade Barclay, Lauren Grace and Grant Sterling, born Nov. 14, 2001.
Rachel and ERIC STEVEN WRIGHT '93 of Gaffney, S.C., a daughter, Abby Michelle, born June 13, 2001.

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