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Loren and SHEILA KAY ADERHOLD ’95 of Odenville, the adoption of a son, Dennis, age six.
Lisa and ALAN ELLIS BIDDLE ’99 of Trussville, a son, Eli Alan, born Jan. 23, 2002.
BEN ’92 and AMY LEA YATES BOYANTON ’92 of Huntsville, a son, Wes, born April 28, 2002.
Travis and MENDY LYNETTE WOMACK BROOKS ’96 of Chattanooga, Tenn., a son, Grant Wilder, born Nov. 3, 2001.
April and KEVIN BROWNING ’01 of Birmingham, a daughter, Brennan, born March 25, 2002.
R. Todd and CHRISTINA PERRY BURKHALTER ’91 of Suwanee, Ga., twins, Jackson Perry and Georgia Abigail, born June 4, 2002.
John and JULIA SCHONBERG BYRD ’87 of Dothan, a daughter, Lillen Lindblom, born March 19, 2002.
Robert and JESSICA BETH HARRISON CARLYON ’93 of Thompsons Station, Tenn., a daughter, Whisper Anavah, born March 31, 2002.
Vicki and GEORGE CLINE ’96 of Hoover, a daughter, Courtney, born April 24, 2000.
Jeff and RHONDA BIGBEE CONAWAY ’95 of Springville, a daughter, Rebekah Ann, born Jan. 4, 2002.
Jeff and AMY SCHUMANN CONN ’97 of Houston, Texas, a son, Jacob Charles, born April 14, 2002.
CHRIS ’87 and TRACIE THURSTON DAVIS ’91 of Alabaster, a son, Jared Camden, born March 6, 2002.
CHRISTOPHER W. ’93, L’97, and AMY HARRELL DEERING ’93 of Birmingham, a daughter, Anna Katherine, born May 1, 2002.
Scott and ALLYSON LEIGH DENHAM ’98 of Pelham, a daughter, Caitlyn Elizabeth, born March 4, 2002.
Patricia and CHRISTOPHER LEE DIFFEY ’99 of Birmingham, a daughter, Morgan Lee, born June 6, 2001.
DANIEL MATTHEW ’97 and CAROL BETH DURBIN ’97 of Birmingham, a son, Matthew Walker, born Feb. 7, 2002.
Shae and LEONARDUS SHERROD EASON ’95 of St. Louis, Mo., a daughter, Mikayla Naomi-Rose, born Sept. 2, 2001.
BOBBY ’94 and KYRA LUPINO EMERSON ’94 of Oviedo, Fla., a daughter, Cambrie Brit, born April 17, 2002.
CASEY ’93 and LORI WEBB FITZSIMONS ’93 of Charlotte, N.C., a son, Micah Edward, born April 10, 2002.
JAMES ’97 and CANDACE CARTER GALBREATH ’97 of Franklin, Tenn., a daughter, Haley Corinne, born Feb. 14, 2002.
PAXTON FORD ’99 and MICHELLE DEANN MULLIS GIBSON ’99 of Charlotte, N.C., a son, Knox Paxton, born Oct. 24, 2001.
Heather and BRENT GLOSSINGER ’91 of Charlotte, N.C., a son, Anders Stephen, born Feb. 24, 2002.
WILLIAM TODD ’90, L’94, and ANN MARIE HARRIS HARVEY ’90 of Birmingham, a daughter, Sarah Page, born April 3, 2001.
Jeff and VIRGINIA LYNN SLUSHER HAYNIE ’98 of Alpharetta, Ga., a son, John “Jack” Lafayette, born April 11, 2002.
Joel Lee and ELISABETH CHILTON HETHCOX ’90 of Birmingham, a son, William Lee, born April 28, 2002.
Keith and TIFFANY YELVINGTON HILL ’97 of San Diego, Calif., a son, Chase Skyler, born March 1, 2002.
John and SARAH DAVIDSON HOPE ’94 of Daphne, a son, John Ellis, born April 26, 2002.
BRYAN ’96 and AMY KEELS HOWELL ’96 of Chattanooga, Tenn., a son, Micah Daniel, born July 2, 2001.
DARREN KENNETH L’98 and HEATHER HANSEN JACKSON ’96 of Mayo, Fla., a daughter, Audrey Daryn, born Jan. 26, 2002.
DARREN ’90 and VIKKI BROWN JACOB ’90 of Cleveland, Tenn., a son, Dylon, born Aug. 6, 2000.
LATTA CRAWFORD ’97 and KRISTEN CASTLE JOHNSTON ’97 of Homewood, a daughter, Anna Crawford, born May 17, 2001.
KENNETH ALAN ’97 and PEGGY PHARO JONES ’78 of Bessemer, twin sons, Ethan and Landon, born Sept. 29, 2001.
RICKEY ’94 and ANN MARIE COLLIER LETSON ’94 of Paducah, Ky., a daughter, Callie Ann, born June 18, 2002.
JOHN ’97 and AMY P. LANIER ’97 of Homewood, a daughter, Lauren, born Feb. 2, 2002.
CARL P. ’94 and KIMBERLY FELL LEWIS ’94 of Owensboro, Ky., a son, Clayton Paul, born Feb. 6, 2002.
Leon and BRENDA LEWIS L’01 of Rainbow City, a son, Jason Ashton, born Feb. 12, 2002.
John and CARMINE BERRY LOPER ’97 of Alabaster, a son, John Anthony, born July 23, 2001.
JOHN-PAUL M.Div. ’97 and SUSAN GARRETT LOTZ ’96 of Cambridge, England, a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, born March 26, 2002.
Verdell and ROBBIE STEELE MARTIN ’92 of Hoover, a son, Jonathan David, born Feb. 7, 2002.
Daniel and AMY BOWDEN MARVIN ’98 of Birmingham, a son, Michael Andrew, born Jan. 7, 2002.
Jacqueline and ERIC FARREL MASON ’94 of Mishawaka, Ind., a daughter, Anastasia, born July 13, 2001.
Allen and HALLIE VON HAGEN McDAVID ’88 of Franklin, Tenn., a son, William Allen, born March 8, 2002.
Tracey and DESTRY RAY McFEARIN ’92 of Denham Springs, La., the adoption of a daughter, Courtlyn QiaoLin, born June 21, 2001, in China.
LES ’92 and MICHELLE BLAKE MYERS ’93 of Birmingham, a daughter, Ella Love, born May 1, 2002.
Kimberly and VINCE ERIC NOBLITT ’96 of Gadsden, a daughter, Anna Claire, born April 29, 2000.
Suzette and JUAN C. ORTEGA L’98 of Mobile, a daughter, Ann Louise, born Feb. 15, 2002.
JEFF ’89 and JANELL PRICE PERKINS ’90 of Bradenton, Fla., a daughter, Laura Michelle, born March 17, 2002.
Christy and SHAWN ALAN POWERS ’96 of Arlington, Texas, a son, Drue Alexander, born Oct. 9, 2001.
April and JONATHAN PRICE ’91 of Aledo, Texas, a daughter, Sydney, born March 7, 2000, and a son, Jonathan Boone, born Nov. 6, 2002.
PATRICK L’93 and CARLA CARDEN RAY ’90, L’93, of Birmingham, a son, Jacob Stephen, born March 29, 2002.
Craig and ALISON EARLY REED ’91 of Franklin, Tenn., a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, born Aug. 10, 2001.
TIMOTHY ’90 and JOY DAVIS REEVES ’90 of Trussville, a daughter, Emily Hope, born Dec. 12, 2001.
KATHY and GEOFFREY G. RICE ’94 of Pelham, a daughter, Emily Kathryne, born March 25, 2002.
Danny and BRENDA HODGSON RICKARD ’93 of Birmingham, a daughter, Laura Grace, born Jan. 15, 2002.
Renee and CHARLES P. RILEY, Jr., ’97 of Vestavia Hills, a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, born Nov. 14, 2001.
Richard and BONNIE MILLER ROPOG ’96 of Pelham, a daughter, Rachel Grace, born June 2, 2001.
Heather and THOMAS SACHS ’97 of Birmingham, a son, Jeremiah, born July 3, 2001.
Lita and RICHARD SAMPLE ’84 of Spring, Texas, a daughter, Anna Victoria, born Aug. 17, 2001.
ROBERT EDWARD ’94 and LAURIE BOSTON SHARP ’90, L’93, of Helena, a daughter, Anna Kathryn, born April 3, 2002.
Peter and MELANIE RUSSELL SIMMONS ’96 of McCalla, a daughter, Mary Harper, born Jan. 15, 2001.
Eric and JULIE RICE SNELLGROVE ’01 of Birmingham, a son, Jackson Ray, born Dec. 20, 2001.
John and BARBARA W. SNYDER ’93 of Montevallo, a daughter, Victoria, born Dec. 18, 2001.
ERIC THOMAS ’91 and MARCIA ANNETTE SPIVEY ’91 of Beaufort, S.C., a daughter, Sydney Elizabeth, born April 25, 2001.
John and STACEY MEADORS STEPHENS ’99 of Pine Knot, Ky., a daughter, Kelsie Elizabeth, born Dec. 21, 2001.
CHUCK ’97 and ELIZABETH WELLS STOKES ’97 of Birmingham, a son, Charles Houston, born Jan. 28, 2002.
JEFF ’96 and LEIGH ANN REID SWORDS ’95 of Antioch, Tenn., a daughter, Bailey Rebekah, born Sept. 2, 2001.
Lisa and DOUGLAS TANNER ’80 of Mobile, a son, Gaines Douglas Joel, born April 28, 2002.
Christopher and JULIE WOLGEMUTH TASSY ’96 of Charlotte, N.C., a daughter, Harper Corin, born Feb. 4, 2002.
David and CHRISTIE DYKES TAUNTON ’89 of Southlake, Texas, a son, John Andrew “Drew,” born May 3, 2002.
Craig and AMANDA FOSTER TINDALL ’93 of Birmingham, a son, Sawyer Wilkins, born April 15, 2002.
CRAIG ALAN ’87 and BARBARA ANNE HUDSON WEBB ’87 of Lahaina, Hawaii, a daughter, Gracie Christine, born Jan. 19, 2001.
MARK ’97 and KATHARINE STOCKTON WILLARD ’97 of Albany, Ga., a daughter, Rebekah Elizabeth, born Sept. 19, 2001.
Britt and ERIN PRICE WILLIAMS ’92 of Bradenton, Fla., twin sons, Luke Haley and Aidan Jago, born Jan. 2, 2002.
Greg and SUSAN LEE WILLIAMS ’93 of Birmingham, daughters, Elaine Elizabeth, born May 3, 2000, and Katherine Kay, born Nov. 30, 2001.
Mark and CHRISTY LYNN WILSON ’96 of Birmingham, a daughter, Hannah, born Aug. 29, 2001.
TYLER ’97 and KIMBERLY WILLIAMS WILSON ’97 of San Antonio, Texas, a daughter, Taylor “Brooke,” born Oct. 9, 2001.
DANIEL ’90 and KELLY MASON WOOD ’90 of Birmingham, a daughter, Martha Demaris, born Feb. 12, 2002.

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