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THOMAS '87, M.Div. '93, and ANNA MILLER BELCHER '88 of Dillwyn, Va., a son, Michael Karlton, born June 21, 2001.
Josh and KRISSY PRESTON BENNER '97 of Brookline, Mass., a son, William Henson, born Aug. 14, 2001.
JUDY BLAIR-ELORTEGUI '92 and Osiel Elortegui, of Mobile, a daughter, Isabella Victoria, born July 24, 2001.
Jerry and BONNIE CASEY BLAKENEY '91 of Mobile, a son, Brigham Haynes, born Aug. 21, 2001.
Dwayne L. and PRUDENCE CASH BROWN '92 of Montgomery, a daughter, Addison Hilary, born July 18, 2001.
Chuck and WENDY HAGOOD BUCKNER '94 of Bradenton, Fla., a son, Dalton Thomas, born July 11, 2001.
Fevzi and LEIGH RICHARD CAGLARSU '84 of Pleasant Grove, a daughter, Elizabeth, born Feb. 18, 2001.
Stacey and SCOTT CAMP '91 of Birmingham, a son, Ryan Scott, born Dec. 4, 2001.
Madelyn and GARREY ALLEN CAVE, Jr., '95 of Brewton, a son, Garrett, born May 13, 2000.
Jenny and GREG LYNN CROUCH '89 of Gurnee, Ill., a son, Solomon Downing, born Jan. 9, 2001.
Joy and JIMMY DeCARLO '89 of Algonquin, Ill., the adoption of a son, Jasper, age two, from Guatemala.
Lesli and DEAN DOUGLASS '95 of Knoxville, Tenn., a son, Truman Dean, born June 20, 2001.
Sissy and JOHN KEVIN DRAKE M.Div. '97 of Alabaster, a daughter, Kari Laree, born Sept. 12, 2001.
MICHAEL '89 and LORI GILBERT FLOYD '90 of Nolensville, Tenn., a son, Joshua Gilbert, born Feb. 9, 2001.
RONALD '88 and JENNIFER WATTS FRIDAY '92 of Pelham, a daughter, Rebecca Louise, born April 16, 2001.
SCOTT '95 and JULIE BADER GILBRETH '95 of Rockford, Ill., a daughter, Maren Elise, born Sept. 17, 2001.
JASON '93 and KAREN JAKOBY GUDGEN '96 of Helena, a son, Nathan Todd, born May 11, 2001.
STEPHEN L'91 and ALICE MYERS HAGLER '89 of Augusta, Ga., a son, Roger Patrick, born May 2, 2001.
JAMES '95 and LINDA ALISON HARDEN '94 of Brooksville, Fla., a son, Jonathan Reid, born June 21, 2001.
ROBB '92 and MEGAN CAPEHART HENSARLING '96 of Birmingham, a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, born Sept. 6, 2001.
Key and ANNE BUSINARO HOLLEMAN '95 of Nashville, Tenn., a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, born July 22, 2001.
Rick and JANE HEILMAN HOUCHINS '96, M.S.Ed. '97, of Gardendale, a son, John Mark, born Nov. 2, 2001.
DAVID '88 and JULIE KUNTZ JENKINS '88 of Houston, Texas, a daughter, Mallory Ann, born Oct. 27, 2000.
BRET '91 and KATHY PETTY JONES '88 of Wetumpka, a daughter, Kendall Grace, born June 28, 2001.
PHILLIP ANTHONY "Tony" '95 and KRISTEN KNEELAND JONES '96 of St. Louis, Mo., a daughter, Mallory, born Aug. 2, 2001.
Allison and WESLEY ROBERT JONES '89 of Birmingham, a daughter, Abby, born June 14, 2001.
CRAIG M.B.A. '84 and AMY SHEEHAN KIRBY '89 of Birmingham, a daughter, Emily Ann, adopted Dec. 17, 2000.
Brian and ANDREA ARRINGTON LUCAS '94 of Birmingham, a son, Jacob Allen, born Sept. 2, 2001.
J. R. '96 and SHELLEY MIMS MARTIN '96 of Southside, a son, James "Grant," born Aug. 24, 2001.
Lynn and BRUCE ALAN MARTIN '89 of Alabaster, a daughter, Sarah Grace, born Sept. 27, 2001.
RYAN '99 and COURTNIE HERRING MAY '99 of Chattanooga, Tenn., a daughter, Laura Katherine, born July 13, 2001.
Stephanie and CHAD McDANIEL '97 of Macon, Ga., a daughter, Rachel Elizabeth "Betsy," born April 4, 2001.
Sean and SHERI JACKSON McLOUGHLIN '91 of Portland, Ore., a daughter, Elizabeth Rory "Ellie," born July 13, 2001.
Bonnie and LANCE METCALF '91 of Albany, Ky., a daughter, Lindsay Anne, born Sept. 10, 2001.
STEPHANIE L. MORGAN-WHITE L'95 and Craig White of Louisville, Ky., a daughter, Morgan Bailey White, born Sept. 14, 2001.
Lane and ANDREA MIKALA HENDERSON NORTHCUT '94 of Paris, Texas, a daughter, Leah Michelle, born Aug. 27, 2001.
WILL '91 and MARSHA JONES OLIVER '94 of Meridian, Miss., a daughter, Elizabeth Sloan, born July 3, 2001.
Nathan and DEE BRANCH PARK '86 of Pelham, a daughter, Amelia Brennan, born April 5, 2001.
STEVE '95 and CHRISTINE MYL PENDLEY '95 of Decatur, a daughter, Emma Grace, born Feb. 12, 2001.
Katie and BRIAN PRENTISS '95 of Homewood, a son, Oliver, born July 3, 2001.
Jeff and NANCY JO RAINER L'97 of Montgomery, a daughter, Carrye Ann, born Aug. 23, 2001.
Ches and ALISA WYNENS REHBERG '84 of Macon, Ga., a daughter, Dorothy Grace, born Jan. 3, 2001.
Allen and RACHEL HARGIS RUSH '92 of Gretna, La., twins, Dylan Harris and Taylor Caroline, born March 29, 2001.
Taylor and TIFFANY DICKSON SCHWARTZ '95 of Atlanta, Ga., a daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born Oct. 15, 2001.
SCOTT '96 and SELENA REDMON SHEUMAKER '94 of Birmingham, a son, Whitt Redmon, born Aug. 24, 2001.
VICTOR '87 and MONA SIMMONS L'96 of Birmingham, a daughter, Sarah Niles, born June 7, 2001.
ROB '97 and HEATHER WILLEY STALLWORTH '00 of Helena, a daughter, Haley Elizabeth, born May 18, 2001.
Andy and DANA WHITE STARNES '91 of Hanceville, a son, Cameron David, born Dec. 27, 2000.
JORDAN '98 and SARA RICHARDSON SULLIVAN '97 of Birmingham, a daughter, Isabel Kate, born Sept. 28, 2001.
Hubert (Tray) and ALICIA TANKERSLEY '88 of Dallas, Texas, a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born May 21, 2001.
BART '90 and DENISE TERRELL TEEL '88 of Wetumpka, a son, James Thaxter (Jay), born July 18, 2001.
CASS '90, L'93, and SABRINA MEZICK TINSLEY '92 of Alabaster, a daughter, Delaney Catherine, born May 9, 2001.
DEAN '95 and HOLLY VANCE '95 of Homewood, a daughter, Lillian Mae, born Oct. 14, 2001.
NATHAN ERIC '88 and LIESL YOARS VARNER '88 of Birmingham, a daughter, Bryce Kinley, born Sept. 30, 2001.
MICHAEL '96 and CHRISTY KING WALLACE '98 of Clarksville, Tenn., a daughter, Mallory Lee, born June 10, 2000.
Jon and JESSICA GEORGE WHITE '96 of Birmingham, a son, Walker Jacob, born July 5, 2001.

Winter 2001
Vol. 18, No. 4

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