Project Activities

Big Questions Seminar Series

Grant activities were formally launched during the fall of 2011 with a ten week seminar series on big questions in science and religion.  Read more

Biblical Interpretation

One of the key factors enabling or inhibiting science and religion dialogue is the approach one takes to Biblical interpretation. Dr. Todd Harrington led this series during the spring of 2012. 

Christian Perspectives on Evolution

During the spring of 2012, Dr. Steve Donaldson led a series on evolution. Read more

Big Questions for High School Students

Graduating high school students often leave the confines of their church and go off to college or the job market where they discover that there are issues from which they have been isolated. Many of the issues are directly related to topics at the interface of science and religion. Read more

Science, Religion, and the Church Conference

Perceived incompatibilities between theological and scientific perspectives of the world pose a potential dilemma for Christians and form a barrier for many outside the church for whom Christianity might otherwise appear viable. Read more

Books for Church Libraries

A portion of grant funds was used to purchase a selection of books on science and religion for church libraries. Read more

Presentation Materials

In conjunction with this grant several sets of PowerPoint slides and accompanying notes were developed for use by churches or other interested groups or individuals to explore key topics in science and religion. Read more

Reading Groups in Science and Religion

Two reading groups in Science and Religion were convened for Dawson members and their guests during the winter of 2013. Read more

Ongoing Support

Part of the mission of the Samford University Center for Science and Religion is to be a resource for ongoing support for congregations attempting to engage in science and religion dialogue. Read more

SINC Conference

In February, 2012, project leaders Dr. Steve Donaldson and Dr. Todd Harrington attended a conference in Chico, CA for awardees of Scientists in Congregations (SINC) grants. Read more