Samford University

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Living on Campus

Residence halls are more than just a place to live. They are classrooms for learning human relations skills and social centers for the residents in each facility. Students living on campus become residents of a small neighborhood within each facility, and members of the larger community of all those who live on campus. As in every such community, policies and procedures are necessary to protect the rights of individuals and the welfare of the community at large. In keeping with the Christian purpose of the university, they also reflect the values and standards of conduct expected of residents. Residence Life policies and procedures are found in the Residence Hall Housing Agreement, University Catalog website, Student Handbook website, residence life website and other material distributed periodically.

At all times, residents are expected to use good judgment and show respect for the rights and needs of others in the care and use of student housing and facilities. The purpose and intent of policies should be observed rather than just the letter of the law.

Residents should consider purchasing personal liability insurance to cover their belongings in residence halls. The university does not assume any responsibility for personal items brought into residence halls. Items damaged in the buildings due to, but not limited to the following: maintenance, inclement weather, theft, water or fire are not covered by university insurance.