Samford University

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Community Standards Council Point System

Specific behaviors will be assessed points ranging from one to seven, with seven being the highest number of points assessed for one behavior. Upon accumulating seven or more points, the student will be required to appear before the Values Advocate. The second incident for the same violation can automatically constitute a hearing with the Values Advocate.


 Violation  Points
 Quiet hours violation 2 points
 Pets in residence hall  3 points
 Unauthorized moving of furniture  3 points
 Unsanitary living conditions  3 points
 Littering on the grounds  2 points
 Smoking in residence hall  3 points
 Unauthorized cooking appliances  3 points
 Improper disposal of trash/accumulation of trash  2 points
 Water/snowball fights in residence hall  3 points
 Writing on walls  3 points
 Improper room move  1 point
 Defacing walls  2 points
 Unregistered guests  4 points
 Excessive lockouts  1 point
 Irresponsible cooking leading to fire alarms  6 points and fine
 Candle usage or possession 6 points and fine
 Failure to comply with direction of Residence Life staff  3 points
 Disrespect toward Residence Life staff  4 points
 Visitation violation  5 points*

 *A visitation violation must be referred by the Values Advocate. Points allocated will be determined by the nature of the offense.