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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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E-mail as a Means of Official Communication

E-mail is a means of official communication at Samford University, and some communication will be sent only via e-mail. All students, faculty and staff are assigned a Samford e-mail account with an address of the form Individuals are responsible for reading mail sent to these accounts and are expected to check their accounts regularly. Individuals are responsible for maintaining their accounts through routine deletion of old mail, etc. to ensure that the accounts always have sufficient space to allow for the delivery of new mail. Samford is not responsible for mail that does not reach recipients when lack of attention to a recipient mailbox prevents message delivery. While Samford may allow the use of other e-mail accounts for some purposes, official communication will be sent only to the account. Individuals who choose to automatically forward mail to another e-mail account do so at their own risk and are responsible to assure that all mail is properly forwarded. Samford University takes no responsibility for e-mail delivery beyond the assigned account.