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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Sanctions for Inappropriate Behavior

A student who engages in inappropriate behavior is subject to one or a combination of more than one of the following sanctions:

Reprimand: An official warning in writing that continuation or repetition of inappropriate behavior may result in a more severe sanction.

Fines: A student or organization may be expected to pay a reasonable sum of money as a sanction. The fine will be placed on the student’s account or assessed to the organization.

Community Service: A student or organization is required to render a designated number of hours of specified service to the university or the community.

Loss of Privilege: A student or organization is prohibited from participation in certain co-curricular activities.

Restitution: A student or organization is required to reimburse or otherwise compensate another for damage or loss of property resulting from a student’s misconduct.

Probation: A student or organization receives a formal written warning that conduct is in violation of university policies and status as a student or an organization is in jeopardy. The continued enrollment of the student or active status of an organization depends on the maintenance of satisfactory citizenship during the period of probation. The continuation of an organization to maintain a presence on campus will depend on all members engaging in appropriate behavior during the probation period.

Residence Hall Suspension: A student is excluded from living in university residence halls for a stated period of time, during which the student’s presence in any Samford housing facility is prohibited without permission from the University Values Advocate.

University Suspension: A student’s status at the university is terminated for not less than the remainder of the semester, during which time the student’s presence on the Samford University campus is prohibited without permission of the University Values Advocate. All campus privileges are revoked during the suspension period.

An organization's suspension will be determined by the nature of the offense. In collaboration with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the Director of Greek Life, the Assistant Dean for Student Services and Values Advocate, and/or the Assistant Dean for Campus Life, the hearing agent will determine the duration of the organization's suspension period.

 Expulsion: A student’s or an organization's status at the university is terminated permanently or for an indefinite period of time. All campus privileges are revoked.

Organizational Behavior: Organizations are expected to comply with the stated values of the university. Organizational behavior that violates a stated value may cause the organization to be cited for a Values Violation. Sanctions that may be placed on an organization include, but are not limited to: reprimand, fine(s), community service, loss of privilege, restitution, probation, suspension, and expulsion. An organization believed to be in violation of a university value will be given an opportunity to present its side of the situation before a decision is rendered. The hearing and sanctioning will be administered by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the Assistant Dean for Campus Life, the Assistant Dean for Student Services and Values Advocate or the Values Council.