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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Alcoholic Beverage Containers: Possessing, consuming or distributing alcoholic beverages is a university values violation. Containers (bottles or cans) that have contained or are designed to contain alcoholic beverages or the presence of such containers on campus (including residence halls) also constitute a values violation.

Behavior of Guests: A Samford student is responsible for informing guests of university values. Whenever a guest violates a value, the Samford student will be charged with aiding, abetting or conspiring with the guest to violate the value.

Disciplinary Records: A disciplinary record is maintained for three years whenever a student is found to have committed inappropriate behavior. The three-year period begins on the date a sanction goes into effect.

Graduation Clearance: Students who have a values violation pending or who have not completed sanctions imposed by the Values Advocate, Values Council or the Academic Integrity officer, will not be allowed to participate in graduation activities, including commencement exercises. Additionally, the University reserves the right to withhold the degree(s) of any student who has engaged in a Values Violation, prior to graduation ceremonies, until the issue is completely resolved through the Values Violation process. The University also reserves the right to revoke the degree(s) of any student who has been found responsible for violating University polices related to the Code of Values or the Academic Integrity policy.

Interim Suspension: Whenever there is evidence to support the belief that a student’s behavior on or off campus is a clear and present threat to the health, safety and welfare of faculty, staff, students, guests, or self, the student may be suspended until a campus hearing can be arranged. A student on interim suspension will be restricted from the campus or from a particular program, activity or building.

Notification of Parents: Whenever a student is found to have committed a values violation and the sanction is loss of privilege, probation, residence hall suspension, university suspension or expulsion, parents of dependent students are automatically notified by mail. A copy of the letter sent to the student notifying the student of the sanction is sent to parents.

Off-Campus Conduct: A student who is charged or convicted of a crime off campus will not automatically be charged with a Samford University values violation unless the offense is of a nature that the student is considered to be a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the faculty, staff and students. Whenever that occurs, the student will be required to attend a hearing before either the University Values Advocate or the Values Council to offer an explanation as to why the student is not a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the campus community. If a reasonable explanation is not offered, the student will be assessed a sanction ranging from a reprimand to university expulsion. A sanction may be appealed to the Appeal Council.

Raffles: A raffle is a form of lottery, which is a form of gambling. Under Alabama state law, gambling, including raffles, is illegal. For more information, download Gambling is also a values violation.

A contest, competition or game in which the outcome is determined by skill as opposed to chance is legal. For example, a person could pay $1 to try to calculate the number of marbles in a gallon container. The person coming closest to the total number without going over the actual number could win a significant prize. A basketball shooting contest in which the winner receives a prize is not illegal.

Organizations are advised to use discretion in fund-raising endeavors and must avoid illegal activities.

Scholarship Provider Notification: Samford University provides considerable financial resources to students who have the capacity to contribute to the life and values of the campus community and to benefit from educational experiences offered by the university. If a student receiving institutional aid (e.g., academic, leadership, athletic, ministerial) is found to have committed a value violation and the sanction is loss of privilege, probation, residence hall suspension, university suspension or expulsion, the person and/or department head responsible for recommending the aid award to the student will be notified.

School-Related Activity: Students and organizations are subject to Samford’s Codes of Values while participating in any Samford-sponsored program, activity or event. The term “school-related activity” includes, but is not limited to, any academic, athletic, extracurricular, social, administrative, work-related or other activity that takes place on or off campus and is sponsored by any Samford University organization.

Student Leader Conduct: Samford University offers numerous opportunities for students to be actively engaged in leadership roles within the university community. These leadership roles include, but are not limited to: officers in campus organizations, Resident Assistants, Connections Leaders, Orientation Leaders, Ambassadors, Student Recruitment Team, student-athletes, University Fellows, Beeson and Presidential Scholars.

Students entrusted with a leadership position on campus should be familiar with the Samford Code of Values and are expected to demonstrate behavior consistent with the Code of Values. Any student leader exhibiting behavior inconsistent with the Code of Values may be subject to removal from their leadership position and adjustment of any Samford financial assistance accompanying the position.

Use of Electronic Devices: Student use of cell phones, messaging devices and other electronic devices (for example, recording devices, music players, PDAs, computers) is prohibited in classes unless specifically permitted by the instructor, and at public events (for example, concerts, convocations, theatre productions, lectures) unless specifically permitted by the event sponsor.