Samford University

Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Value: Respect for Community Authority

Aiding, Abetting or Conspiring

  • Definition: Aiding, abetting or conspiring with another person to become involved in inappropriate behavior or behavior that violates the University’s Code of Values.
  • Minimum Sanction: Corresponds to the sanction given for the inappropriate behavior

Violating Residence Hall Visitation Guidelines

  • Definition: Being in other than public areas of residence halls in the company of a member of the opposite sex, or in a residence hall assigned to members of the opposite sex without specific permission or when visitation privileges are not in effect. Violation of this Value may include the failure to abide by Residence Life’s guest policy.
  • Minimum Sanction: Probation and $50 fine

Computer Misuse

  • Definition: Violating the Computing and Information Technology Values and Policies, which includes, but not limited to, invading another user’s privacy or confidentiality, sending obscene or pornographic materials, violating copyright laws, sending chain letters and mass mailings that degrade the e-mail system, or using the University’s technology to commit a crime, and/or a Code of Values violation. 
  •   Minimum Sanction:  
    • First offense - Probation and $100 fine
    • Second offense – Mandatory loss of privilege, indefinite probation and $300 fine

Reckless Behavior

  • Definition: Any behavior that creates risk of damage to property, risk of danger to others or the university community including, but not limited to, propping exterior doors open in residence halls, throwing objects from windows or balconies, and disclosing or giving residence-hall door access to unauthorized people.
  • Minimum Sanction: Probation and $50 fine  


  • Definition: Direct disobedience of a lawful order of a university official including, but not limited to, failure to evacuate a building during a fire alarm; refusing to present an ID upon request; failure to appear when summoned for an official conference, failure to show respect for university faculty, staff, guests and vendors; failure to comply with campus parking/traffic regulations. (This also includes verbal offensiveness and obscene gestures.)
  • Minimum Sanction: Reprimand  


  • Definition: Participation in unauthorized assemblies/demonstrations and behaving in such a manner that appears calculated to incite a riot; interfering with rights of other students, faculty and staff to engage in scheduled activities; engaging in or sponsoring any activity contrary to the best interest of Samford University.
  • Minimum Sanction: Probation  

Driving While Impaired

  • Definition: Operating a motor vehicle on campus while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. (See II.6)
  • Minimum Sanction:
    • First offense - Probation, $150 fine and alcohol education
    • Second offense – Indefinite Probation, $300 fine, alcohol education, and relinquishing of ability to possess an automobile on campus  

Creating a Nuisance with Noise

  • Definition: Talking, yelling, singing, playing a musical instrument, electronic device or the like loudly enough to disturb members of the university community.
  • Minimum Sanction: Reprimand  

Committing a City, State or Federal Crime

  • Definition: All students are required to abide by the laws of the local, state, national and international governments and are subject to judicial action by the University for violation of any of the laws thereof.  Formal charges, complaints or indictments by government entities are not prerequisite for university charges under this section. 
  • Minimum Sanction: Corresponds to the degree of seriousness of the law violated