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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy: Incident Review

Incident Review

When a victim reports an alleged act of sexual misconduct, the appropriate Title IX Coordinator will initiate an investigation into the incident within 48 hours. A typical sexual misconduct investigation will be completed within sixty (60) days, if not sooner.  The Title IX Coordinator will prepare a written report which will be distributed, concurrently, to both parties, and in a case where the accused is a student, to the Values Council. Due to the time of year or other extenuating circumstances, the University Values Advocate reserves the right to modify council procedures as necessary.

Council members assigned to review Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence cases will be a five member panel chosen from members of the Values Council. The panel will be composed of a faculty chair, two faculty members, and two staff members.  All members of the panel will vote by secret ballot. In addition to council members, individuals allowed in the hearing room will be the University Values Advocate (Title IX Coordinator for students), complainant, accused, and university individuals assigned as advisors to the complainant or the accused. Approved witnesses will be called into the hearing room at the discretion of the faculty chair. The University Values Advocate will have the responsibility of assuring hearing procedures follow guidelines stipulated by Title IX and that the rights of both the complainant and the accused are protected.