Samford University

Change of Academic Program (aka Change of Major Form)


The Change of Academic Program form is for students changing or adding/dropping a major, minor, or concentration.

As stated in the current catalog (under Graduation Requirements), students are required to meet all requirements "in effect at the time of entrance into the major." For example, if a student enters Samford in 2012-13 but changes majors in 2014-15, then 2014-15 is the catalog year in effect for the new program. This applies to majors, minors, and concentrations, unless special circumstances require the student to remain under a specific catalog year. To petition to change the catalog year, a student must complete the Catalog Requirements Change Request.

The Change of Academic Program form is also used to submit a new expected graduation date, or for students who are changing from the day to evening program (Evening College) or vice versa. Form requires the signature of the new advisor only in the case of a new or added major.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to new fee assessment rules, change of major forms turned in AFTER the initial add/drop period (first week of classes) will be made effective for the NEXT academic term. (For example, if the form is submitted in October or November, the change will be made effective beginning Jan Term/Spring.) New advisors will still be able to provide students with their Registration Alternate PINs and students will still be able to register for major-specific courses for those future terms during the early registration period. The adjustment in procedure was made to avoid students being assessed fees applicable to specific majors after the term has started.

  • NOTE 1: If the student is new to Samford and has not yet registered for classes, changes of major should be made through the Office of Admissions. Use of the form linked below is not required at that stage. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information. 
  • NOTE 2: Once the student has registered for classes, the Change of Academic Program form IS required and should be submitted directly to the Office of Student Records.

To see a list of Samford University codes for majors, minors, or concentrations (to help complete the Change of Major form), choose one of the following links: SU Codes in PDF | SU Codes in Excel (sortable)