Samford University

Accessing Class Schedules


Class schedules are available for select terms via the Campus Portal. If you're not already accessing this page via the portal, do the following:  

  • Enter your login and password to enter the Portal
  • Click on the Banner tab
  • (First-time only) Log in using either your SSN or Banner SUid (new ID for Banner) and your e-mail password
  • (First-time only) Enter Question and Answer
  • Click on Student  
  • Click on Class Schedule, select the term you want, and click the Submit button
  • Choose a Part of Term if it applies (i.e., Sum I, Sum II, and Summer 10-Week are designated as distinct parts of term in this block)
  • Use as much of the other search criteria as you wish to limit the search, but you must choose at least one Subject  
  • To select several subjects at once, use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click