Samford University

How to Print an Official Enrollment Verification

How to Print an Official Enrollment Verification

  1. Click on the Banner tab
  2. Click on Student & Financial Aid
  3. Click on Student Records
  4. Click on Verify Enrollment (this will link you to the National Student Clearinghouse)
  5. Click on the "Click here" link
  6. Enter the required data (Student Name, DOB, SSN)
  7. Choose either Current Enrollment or All Enrollment (Enrollment History)
  8. A National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification Certificate with the "Learning Tree" watermark is produced
  9. Print using the print icon in the upper left hand corner
  10. Be sure to close out the PDF and log off after printing the certificate

    NOTE: Students accessing the above screens from a Macintosh computer may encounter difficulty printing an enrollment verification. If so, please try printing one from a PC computer instead, or come by the Student Records Office to have one printed for you.

Additional information on enrollment verifications via Banner Self-Service.

Important Note: The National Student Clearinghouse is the authorized certifying agent for Samford University. Enrollment verifications printed via the steps above ARE considered official (even without a signature). Please let Student Records know if any company does not accept a verification printed via the steps above and we will inform the National Student Clearinghouse.

Verifications for Future Terms: Enrollment verifications accessed through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) may not immediately be available for future terms (terms for which you've registered, but for which classes haven't begun). If you need verification for a future term AND if using the steps above does not generate a letter that covers that term, contact the Student Records Office.

Students who are attending less than half-time will not be able to obtain an enrollment verification through the above steps prior to the semester's start date. Verifications for those students should be possible, however, approximately 2-3 weeks into the semester.

Loan Deferments: The above-mentioned enrollment verification (accessible through Banner Self Service) should not be used for loan deferments. Those verifications are handled by lenders using online access to the NSC. Refer lenders with questions to