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Academic Calendars for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

What's New

  • The main 2015-2016 Academic Calendar is now available; scroll to the bottom of the page for calendar breakouts for 2015-2016. (added 10/31/14)
  • A PDF of the Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2015 has been posted. (added 9/19/14)
  • UPDATE: The last day of classes for Spring 2015, for day and evening students, has been changed to Friday, May 8. (updated 9/16/14)
  • A PDF version of all calendars--except for Divinity and Law--is now available. See below, under Special Format. (updated 9/16/14)   
  • NOTE: The Pharmacy and Evening College calendars for 2015-2016 are still under review and will posted soon

Dates are subject to change. Payment due dates may not be available yet for all terms posted. NOTE: The academic year runs Fall through Summer.

For the 2014-15 academic year, in addition to the main Academic Calendar (which applies to undergraduate day and most graduate programs) and the one for Evening College, there is a separate calendar for the College of Health Sciences.  This calendar applies to students in graduate programs in the Schools of Health Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health, plus the accelerated BSN degree in nursing.  This calendar is also used for students in the environmental management (MSEM) program.

Click here for 2014-15 academic calendars for Divinity and Law.

For the 2015-16 academic year, the main Academic Calendar applies to undergraduate day programs, Graduate Nursing, Accelerated BSN, Divinity, and graduate programs in the School of the Arts, Health Sciences, Education, and Environmental Management. Law and 4th-Year Pharmacy use their own calendars. Evening College observes the A & B Terms for Fall and Spring. 2015-16 Calendars for Evening College and Pharmacy will be added once finalized. 

Click here for 2015-16 academic calendars for Law. (might not be available yet)

Inclement weather or other events beyond the control of the University that might cause risk or danger to students, faculty, and staff may occasionally result in changes to normal University operations, including cancellation of classes or events; the calendar schedule may be adjusted.

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