I Have Christmas

"I Have Christmas!"

Good Morning Renie,

My husband, daughter, and I got to work in Pleasant Grove yesterday.  We delivered supplies gathered from Daysprings Baptist Church in Mobile (where my daughter serves as Student Ministry Assistant) and Hayden FBC (where my husband serves as Worship Pastor).  We then were placed on a work team to clear debris from three different houses.  In the first house we sifted through debris that had been thrown quite a distance for anything of value to the owner.  This owner was a renter and did not have insurance, so everything was important to her, but the most valued thing we found was her smashed computer that had a perfectly intact hard drive. One of our young men will transfer her data into another usable computer so that she can access her important information.  For a woman who had not shown much emotion, she was moved to tears!

The second house was of a family with whom we had been church members at Bethel Baptist.  Their house had fallen in on top of them and they were able to climb out of the rubble with only a few injuries.  My friend’s biggest request was that we recover her most cherished Christmas decorations that she’s collected for 30+ years.  With much determination, cutting through boards and clearing brick and cinder blocks, we were able to recover all three boxes of her lost treasure!  My favorite quote of the day was when she exclaimed, “I may not have a house, but I have Christmas!!!” 

The last house was mostly cutting and clearing about 6 downed trees and moving them to the edge of the road.  This is what the streets of Pleasant Grove look like one week later – streets that are lined with cut trees and debris, houses with blue tarps draped across the roofs (the ones that still have walls and roofs), convoys of service trucks and volunteers weaving their way through the streets, and churches filled with the Body of Christ weary to the bone, but continuing to work as long as their strength will hold out!

I am so very thankful for the lives that were spared and the opportunity to get to help them out in this extreme time of need!


Suzy Metts | Administrative Secretary | School of the Arts


The following websites are for state or local organizations that may be coordinating disaster response efforts:


Philip Poole
Executive Director of Marketing and Communication