Helping out at the Salvation Army Distribution Center

Helping out at the Salvation Army Distribution Center

Good morning, Renie. 

Thank you so much for the wealth of information you are sending out regarding the relief effort.  I was able to spend some time at the Salvation Army distribution center yesterday and was completely amazed at the generosity of the community.  I had the opportunity to help organize the clothing donations and assist families locate items they needed to replace.  Although most organizations are no longer accepting clothing donations, there was a real need for underwear, in all sizes; including bras. I believe the Salvation Army is still requesting donations for these items.  You are doing a fantastic job disseminating information and just thought you might add this to the list!  Thanks again for all you are doing.  

 Attached is a picture of just one section of their warehouse showing the volume of the clothing donations.  In the far back of the warehouse (behind the blue screens)  there are mountains of clothing that have been donated, sorted and are ready for replenishing the tables.   

 In Christ,  


 Melinda H. Butts 
Administrative Assistant 
Office of Institutional Effectiveness



The following websites are for state or local organizations that may be coordinating disaster response efforts:


Philip Poole
Executive Director of Marketing and Communication