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New Anti-Virus System

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In accordance with Strategic Technology Plan initiative 3.3, Sophos Endpoint Protection has been acquired to replace the current Microsoft antivirus solution.  A campus-wide deployment of the Sophos software is planned to begin Monday, July 23rd.  The Sophos software will be automatically installed on all computers attached to the Samford Network and should not require any interaction or intervention by employees.  The installation process will also automatically remove the existing antivirus program prior to installing Sophos.

Once the installation is complete, you will see a new Icon on your computer for the Sophos program like this:

Sophos Logo

In an effort to ensure Samford computers remain virus free, the Sophos program will run a full virus scan each Friday afternoon on your computer beginning at 1:00 PM (CST).  If the scan indicates a virus or malicious code is present,  it will be reported to the Sophos management console for remediation.  The weekly scan will occur in the background and should not interfere with the normal operation of your computer.

The University license agreement with Sophos allows Samford employees to install the program for free on their home computer.  Once the campus-wide implementation  is complete, more information will be provided for installing Sophos on your home computer.



Posted by David Hakanson at 07/24/2012 02:09:34 PM