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Email Encryption Services

Encryption of sensitive information in email is required to comply with various laws and regulations.  This function is provided to employees as a part of email services.

What does it do?  It encrypts outbound email and attachments, providing security for the contents while in transit and storage.

When should it be used?  When sensitive information is being sent to any non-employee.  Email from a Samford employee account to another Samford employee account is automatically encrypted when in transit or storage.

How do I use it?  By entering [encrypt] in the subject line (Note that the square brackets are required).  This tells the email security appliance to encrypt the email and attachments.  The [encrypt] indication is stripped from what the recipient receives.  Here is a sample:

What does the recipient have to do differently?  The recipient receives this message:

 Encrypted Email Message

When the recipient clicks on the Click here link, they will be taken to a page to log in to the security appliance. 

 Registration to Retrieve Encrypted Message

 If it is their first time to use it, they must set a password that will be used to process this and any subsequent encrypted email messages from Samford’s security appliance.  The ID used is the recipient’s email address.  The password can be used subsequently for additional encrypted email sent to the recipient.  Upon authentication, the attached encrypted email is decrypted and displayed for the user.  Notice there is a time limit.  If the recipient does not authenticate within seven days, the message cannot be read.  As the sender, you can extend the expiration time, restore or revoke an encrypted message.  You do not have to resend the message.  The email security appliance can be accessed at for managing encrypted messages (as well as managing your safe senders list and blocked senders list, your email security profile on the appliance, and quarantined email.

Note: Outbound encrypted messages are limited to 20 megabytes in total size.

Can I use it now?  The service is fully functional and ready for use.

Questions?  Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 205-726-2662 or if you have any questions.

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