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XpressConnect (Mac)

  Samford Wireless Network Quick-Connection Guide (Mac users) 

Make sure AirPort is turned on by clicking the Airport icon at the top right of your screen and click AirPort:On. If it is grayed out, then it is already on. 

Click the Airport icon again and click ConfigSUWireless to connect to our temporary network that will help you configure SamfordSecure.


Once connected to ConfigSUWireless, open your default Web Browser ie. Safari / Firefox.


You should automatically be redirected to the page below. If you are not, you may need to refresh the page or try browsing to a different web page.  Ensure that the End User License Agreement box is checked and click Start to begin.


Once the page below loads, click “Click here to load XpressConnect."


Click Allow when prompted.


Enter your Samford User Name and Samford Password and click Continue.

Now you will be prompted to enter your Mac password. Please note that this is not necessarily your Samford Password, but the password you created when you first bought your Mac. If you are not sure what your Mac password is, try leaving the password field blank. Click OK.


The configuration tool will now attempt to connect to the secure wireless network. This can take a few minutes during which you will see the message "Validating Connectivity."


If you see the error "An IP address was not acquired", you may need to turn AirPort off and then turn AirPort on again and click Retry.


When you see the screen saying that you were “Successfully connected,” click Done and close the window.


You should now be able to surf the web. If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at 205.726.2662.



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