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PC Network Drive Access


 On-Campus Instructions 
In Windows 7/Vista click on Start and then Computer. The drives will appear under the Network section and appear as below. Tip: If you network drives have a red-x over them, simply reboot your computer and the drives will automatically re-map themselves.
 Network Location 

 Off-Campus Instructions/Instructions for Non-Samford Computers 
1. In Windows 7/Vista click on Start and then Computer to open an Explorer view of available drives. 
2. At the top of the window click on Map Network Drive and a screen will appear asking what network folder you would like to connect to. You will need to select a drive letter from the drop down and then supply an address for the folder and then click finish. 
3. A new window will appear and prompt you to input your Samford user name and password. Once that's done click okay. 
4. A new window will opening displaying the contents of the network location. 
There are three specific network locations that you can map. corresponds to the W drive or Departments location. corresponds to the X drive or Public location. corresponds to the Z drive or your Home-directory. 
For mapping the Home-Directory location you will need to supply your own user name.  
Note: When opening and saving items from off-campus you will be prompted to supply your user name and password each time you make a change.  


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