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College Hills

NorthStar Youth Ministries is located in the College Hills neighborhood of West Birmingham. NorthStar exists to bridge the opportunity gap for inner city youth by addressing the deficit of investment in their lives. By impacting youth through Camp NorthStar, NorthStar Soccer Club and the After School Programs, we hope to reach their families and see a transformation in the surrounding community. 

"Working at NorthStar Youth Ministries has helped me to learn that transformation in lives and in a community takes time, prayer and patience. As I learn about the needs of this community, I learn more about myself. I realize that at the root of it, we all have the same needs to be met. In working to meet the needs of College Hills, my heart has been gripped to serve the youth at NorthStar in a way that I would want my own children to be served." –Val Peterson 


Contact: Val Peterson at for more information!

East Lake

East Lake is a community rich in diversity, culture and opportunities, but lacking in resources.  Volunteer projects include working with families and youth, a neighborhood food pantry, community gardens or a producer-only farmers' market.  Once the original site of Howard College, the East Lake community has taken new shape to become what it is today.  

“Our neighbors are those we work with and serve on a daily basis.  I tell people that if they drew a circle around the church, it would encompass the children and families we serve on a daily basis.  Most of our children and youth walk to the church.  To me, neighboring is about loving the people God has placed right in front of you.” – Cheryl Hinnen


Contact: Cheryl Hinnen at for more information!

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