WVSU: Samford's Smooth Jazz

WVSU-FM 91.1 is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a Non-Commercial Educational radio station. We are owned by Samford University and operated by Samford's Office of Marketing and Communication. Our format is primarily contemporary jazz, and we serve as the play-by-play home for Samford's NCAA Division One baseball, men's and women's basketball and football. Our mission is to promote Samford University, to serve the greater Birmingham community with unique programming and useful information, and to provide a professional environment in which students can improve communication skills. We are proud to serve and unite a diverse audience throughout the Birmingham area.

Listen to live and on-demand programming from anywhere in the world, learn more about our programs and see what's coming up on WVSU in the "Programs" section below. Thanks for listening, and please send any thoughts or questions about our station to wvsu@samford.edu.