Delaney  Craig
Orientation Leader
Office: University Center 113
CLASS OF 2022! LET’S GO!!! My name is Delaney Craig and I’m from Douglasville, Georgia (you’ve most likely never heard of it, but if you have, it’s probably only because we have a mall or because we’re close to Six Flags). I’ve seen every episode of Friends at least 5 times and if you quote a scene with me, we will easily become best friends. My favorite place to be is with people, which is why on most days you can find me hanging out in Ben Brown. When I meet you, I will most likely invite you to get coffee with me and then order a cup of milk because I don’t like coffee...or chocolate...or sweet tea...sorry if my taste buds offend you, hopefully we can still be friends. I’m so thankful to call Samford my home away from home and I can’t wait to help you make it yours.