Turner  Tinsley
Orientation Leader
Office: University Center 113
Email: ttinsley@samford.edu
Hey guys! My name is Turner Tinsley and I’m from Hendersonville, North Carolina. 3 places you can find me on a regular basis: 1. Taco Mama. 2. Ben Brown (THE PLACE TO BE). 3. The hospital (just because I study nursing, but hopefully I won’t see any of you there). Speaking of things that come in 3’s, I’m a triplet! Both my sisters go to Samford AND study nursing too. Catch us running a hospital one day. I love to watch football, hangout with friends, and eat food. I don’t necessarily like running, but I do it to rationalize the amount of donuts I throw down on a regular basis. Remember, every mile is a donut pile! Now, onto more important things. Y’all have done it. Go on, tell your family you passed the first test of your college career! You made the best decision you could make in coming to Samford and we could not be more excited for all the experiences you will have! Paws up! (Not actual Samford slang, but I’ve been pushing it for a while, so why stop now?)