The Center for Worship and the Arts is funded through private donations as well as grants from the C.I.O.S. Foundation based in Waco, Texas, and Lilly Endowment, Inc., based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Your generosity could sponsor a teenager’s participation in Animate, support an event on campus, underwrite the creation of new worship resources, or help us realize a new endeavor on behalf of teenagers in the church. Interested in supporting our work? We would love the opportunity to speak with you.

Unlike any other institute or center in the country, the Center for Worship and the Arts is poised to lead and define the conversation about worship and the arts at a depth that is currently missing from the Church. Worshippers of all ages, but particularly teenagers, are hungry to understand how their eclectic talents and experiences might be used to serve God in broader ways. They already know what many of us are just now verbalizing: the arts are the perhaps most undernourished and overlooked expression of worship for society today. The goals of the Center must be achieved for the Church to thrive in its mission of worshiping God and serving neighbor.John S. Woods, M.Div., M.M. Music and Worship Pastor // Dawson Memorial Baptist Church // Birmingham, Alabama