Samford University's Philosophy Department equips students to think in an informed and reflective way about the perennially important issues of life—morality, the nature of truth and reality, how we know the world, beauty and art, faith and reason, evil and suffering, justice and society. Students learn to formulate opinions on these issues by engaging the best representatives in the history of philosophy, and develop the skills of inquiry, analysis, communication, and decision-making that will distinguish them in any profession.Our majors earn prestigious fellowships, attend top graduate programs and answer callings in disciplines ranging from business and ministry to education and health care.

Stephen Bailey
Most classes I have taken taught me about the world– about civilizations and nature, art and engineering. But in Samford's philosophy classes, I learned about myself– my intellectual heritage, my role in society, the limits of my knowledge. Majoring in a science honed the technical skills I routinely use now, but majoring in philosophy made me a better friend, husband and citizen. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D. candidate in Educational Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University

In the Department of Philosophy, we focus on these questions and how they have been answered over the 2,500 year history of philosophical discussions. Our students learn to read, discuss, and critique the great ideas and arguments that have shaped our Western intellectual culture. Because our professors encourage active, rich discussion of  issues vitally important to society in general and to the university in particular, our community plays an indispensable role in Samford's fulfillment of its mission as a Christian university.


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What Can You Do With That? New Resource Highlights Arts and Sciences Career Paths
The new Career Focus page includes links to external lists of careers in the humanities, STEM and social sciences, as well as news and feature articles showing how our students are refining their passions, finding mentors and creating custom academic pathways to the lives they want to live.  
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Samford Classics and Philosophy Departments to Merge
A statement from the new department observed that the disciplines of classics and philosophy share many curricular and academic goals, and remain vital to Samford's mission as a university steeped in academic excellence and the Christian intellectual and ethical traditions. 
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A Pledge of Action and Support
The events of the past several weeks have riveted our attention upon the undeniable reality of the racism that pervades our communities and distorts our perception of neighbors who are created in the image of God. The love of Christ compels us to do more than merely talk. We must act.