High Point

A typical day starts with trained facilitators guiding your group through a series of initiatives designed to ease the group into teamwork, promote communication and trust, increase the participants' sense of confidence, increase mutual support within the group, and set the tone for the day’s accomplishments, both physical and psychological. Facilitators teach group members the proper safety procedures and techniques, which make your climb a safe and unique experience. The facilitators will also familiarize your group with the Alpine Tower and Carolina Climbing Wall to involve each member in the climb.

Each initiative concludes with a group discussion led by a facilitator intended to focus your group on what you learned and the metaphors, which make it applicable to your personal lives or situations. After the training is completed, the session culminates in climbing the Alpine Tower and the Carolina Climbing Wall.

High Point Experience+

Learn by Doing

Experiential education is a powerful learning tool, based on the idea that learning is best accomplished by doing. Participants are given tasks or obstacles to overcome. After completing the task, they are asked to bridge the connection between what they have experienced and their personal behavior or lifestyle by applying their learning to everyday life.

Our Challenge by Choice philosophy at Samford University’s High Point allows participants to take part to whatever degree they are comfortable. Success is not measured by reaching the top of the tower, but rather by reaching personal and group goals. Participants are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone and attempt more than they think is possible. The increased confidence and sense of achievement gained is taken from the tower and integrated into the personal and professional lives of the participants.

Programs are designed to meet the needs or goals of individual groups and may be adjusted for group sizes ranging from six to 36. Program content is customized so that whether the group is corporate, collegiate, religious or youth, activities are transferable to real life situations.

Challenge By Choice

The High Point experience is a powerful one due to the height of the structures, yet it requires little upper body strength, making it ideal for groups of almost any age. Program length is designed based on the characteristics of individual groups. Samford University’s High Point offers unique opportunities for inclusion of people with disabilities. The elements included on the tower allow group members with disabilities to participate in the planning as well as the physical portion of the experience.

Who Benefits

  • Educational groups
  • Church groups
  • Community groups
  • Corporate groups


  • Bonding for new group members
  • Team building/cooperation
  • Leadership development
  • Communication among group members
  • Problem solving
  • Trust building
  • Highlighting of individual strengths
  • Enhancement of self-esteem
  • Overcoming perceived limitations
  • Incorporation of individual strengths into group activities
  • Respect for others
  • Interdependence
  • Fun

Alpine Tower+

Two interlocking tripods form a 50-foot tower from which logs, platforms, nets and suspended ropes allow you to experience climbing as a metaphor for life. The Alpine Tower challenges you to overcome fears, tackle problems, trust others, work cooperatively and communicate with peers to achieve things you thought impossible. Interdependence, something critical to the success of all teams and organizations, is an essential part of the Alpine Tower experience.

The tower is a unique alternative to traditional ropes courses. Some of the advantages it offers are the accessible location, gentleness on the environment, safety and a variety of difficulty in climbing.

Carolina Climbing Wall+

The Carolina Climbing Wall offers multifaced climbing structures designed for individuals of all abilities. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned rock climber, there is a route marked for you! The wall has windows that allow for social climbing on both sides of the wall. Multipitched topography creates routes that allow participants to dial the challenge up or down depending on their level.

Breakdown of the Carolina Wall

  • 50 feet tall
  • Up to six climbers at a time
  • Windows for social climbing
  • Multipitched
  • 300+ handholds