Brooke  Messina

Home State


Undergraduate Institution and Graduation Year

University of Alabama, 2009



I enjoy hunting, boating, gardening, and generally just spending time outdoors.

What do you think is the best thing about Cumberland?

The thing that sets Cumberland apart is the care and support that students receive from the faculty and from fellow students.

Why did you choose Cumberland?

I initially visited Cumberland because it is located in a great city with a thriving legal market. Once I visited, Cumberland immediately felt like home because of the warmth and kindness of everyone I met. After taking a tour and meeting a few students and faculty members, I knew Cumberland was the place for me.

What do you most enjoy about studying law in Birmingham? What do you like to do in Birmingham?

Birmingham is my hometown, and it has had a strong legal market for as long as I can remember. The law school’s proximity gives me very regular opportunities to get involved in the legal community—from assisting with Pro Bono work with the Birmingham Volunteer Lawyers Program (BBVLP) to attending events with the Birmingham Bar Association. This regular involvement has allowed me to network and begin building my legal career even while I am still a student. 

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities

Christian Legal Society (President); Williams Trial Competition; Trial Advocacy Board (Freshman Member); Women in Law; Member of the Birmingham Bar Association; Regular Volunteer with the Birmingham Volunteer Lawyers Program (BBLVP).

If you could give any advice to your pre-law school self, what would you say? 

Law school is a marathon, but your first year is a sprint! Dig your heels in and do your very best in your first year, because it will set you up for tremendous future success. Reach down deep to find the motivation to be just a little bit better every day. And when it gets hard, remember that the pain is temporary but your accomplishments are yours forever.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

Practice in Birmingham in either civil litigation or corporate law