Published on June 14, 2017  
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"I think that at Howard, not only did you get a good education, but I think that this, the five of us together after all those years, is an indication of what was our greatest gift from Howard and Samford. It was the friendships that we made."


Introductions and Background.

The group introduce themselves, talk about where they are from and how long they were on each campus.
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Remembering the Old Campus

The group talks about some of their experiences with student housing on the East Lake Campus of Howard College.
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The New Campus

The group discusses their experiences in the transition from East Lake to Lakeshore, and what they believe was the spirit of the campus.
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Comparing the two Campuses

The group compare the two campuses, and talk about what they preferred about the character of the old campus.
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Community of the Old Campus

The group described what they felt was the community of the old campus that they felt was lost during the first years after the transition.
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Intermural Sports

The group talks about their experiences with intermural sports on the new campus, and the issues with starting it.
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Students and Faculty

The group discusses the relationship between students and faculty, and why the smaller size of the East Lake and Lakeshore campuses were a huge benefit to the students.
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The group talk about the lasting influence that Samford had on them, and their life long friendships.
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Memories from Howard and Samford

The group relates a few of their favorite memories from their time at Howard and Samford.
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Reasons for coming to Howard

The group discusses their reasons for coming to Howard/Samford.
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Staying in touch

The group talks about staying in touch after graduation, and giving back to Samford.
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The Impact of Samford

The group describes the many ways that Samford has impacted their lives.
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Closing Remarks

The group relate a few closing remarks about where they have gone since Samford, and how the school impacted their lives.
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Audio Information
IntervieweeJoe McDade
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection
CollectionSTORI Collection