Published on June 14, 2017  

Elizabeth-Sloan-Ragland“I was not greeted by hecklers. I was greeted by Martha Ann Cox.”



Elizabeth Ragland introduces her story, and talks about her time before Samford and Civil Rights.
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Growing up in Birmingham; Civil Rights and Coming to Samford University

Ragland talks about her early life in Birmingham and the people who influenced her decision to come to Samford University.
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Arriving at Samford

Ragland talks about her first experience at Samford University.
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Activities on Campus; Motivation and Community Support.

Ragland talks about her activities at Samford, as well as what motivated her at school.
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The Changes that have been Made

Ragland discusses what she sees as changes that have been made in the lives of African American students at Samford since her time as a student.
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Triumph and Tragedy; Shared Experiences

Ragland talks about how triumph and tragedy has shaped her life, and how such events create shared experiences between people.
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Education should be Transformative

Ragland explains why education is a transformative experience based on the new ideas that people are exposed to.
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"I'm just glad that I'm here."

Ragland talks about the lasting impression that Samford has on her and others.
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Closing Remarks

Ragland talks about working together to make a difference is how people can continue to causes change.
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