Published on September 1, 2016  

The following are instructions for installing the Citrix Receiver. You will only have to do this one time, and you should not be prompted to install it again.

  1. First navigate to
    Image for step 1
  2. At the log-in screen, input your Samford user name and password.
    Image for step 2
  3. Agree to the licensing terms and click Install.
    Image for step 3
  4. A dialog box will open asking if you would like to Run or Save the file. Choose Run.
    Image for step 4
  5. You should now see the Citrix Receiver being installed.
    Image for step 5
  6. Once the Installation is complete, you are ready to begin using Apps through Citrix.
    Image for step 6

Note: The first time you use an application in Citrix you will need to set Read/Write properties. A dialog box will open asking you to set these permissions.  First check the box that indicates you do not want to be asked this question again. Then click Permit all Access. (figure)

From this point forward you can go directly to, and after logging in immediately begin using the applications hosted there.