Samford University is private property and reserves the right to have unauthorized vehicles, abandoned vehicles or vehicles operated in violation of Samford University rules and regulations towed from the campus property at the owner's expense.

Situations which may warrant towing of vehicles include, but are not limited to, the following: vehicle causing a safety hazard, obstructing traffic, blocking a fire hydrant, parking in a fire lane, parking in handicapped spaces, parking on yellow curbs, parking in loading zones or abandoned vehicles.

Vehicles in persistent violation of traffic regulations are subject to towing and/or immobilization.


Any member of the Departments of Transportation Services and Public Safety may move, relocate or impound any bicycle and motorized scooter which:

  • Is blocking or otherwise impeding normal entrance to or exit from any building on university property.
  • Is blocking or otherwise impeding traffic in any street, highway, roadway or path. 
  • Appears to be abandoned.
  • Has been reported as stolen to a law enforcement agency.
  • Is a safety hazard.
  • Is parked, stored, or left in any lobby, hallway, or room of any building unless said area is a private resident dorm.
  • Is propped against light posts, rails, trees, bushes, or any kind of university landscaping.