The Centennial Plus Committee (CPC) serves as an alumni advisory committee for Orlean Beeson School of Education. The committee meets minimally once a year to brainstorm and share creative ideas for connecting with all of Samford University’s education alumni.

In 2012, the committee began as The Centennial Planning Committee to assist in the planning of our school’s Centennial Celebration in 2015. At the culmination of the centennial, the education school and committee were so overjoyed by the new-found connections and relationships that a decision was made for the group to continue meeting. Thus, the Centennial Plus Committee was established.

The primary meeting takes place annually during the summer. Additionally, the group meets for casual coffees at local venues throughout the year and are updated of current opportunities and events taking place through email.

We are proud of our alumni and we encourage you to join us!

Please contact Kathy Acton, Alumni Relations chair, for more information.

Centennial Plus Committee Members, 2018-2019

Kathy Acton                                                    
Meghan Allen                     
Mandy Jayne Antwine                                    
Suzan Armstrong                 
Lisa Beckham
Marissa Benjamin
Jane Bond
Keighlee Buchanan
Chelsea Byrd
Argie Campbell
Sonia Carrington
Gwen Childs
Kara Chism
Autumn Combs
Brittany Crabtree
Lauren Dunnam
Shirley Garrett
Anita Gay
Sarah Hines
Floreshia Howard
Alice Laurendine
Maggie Lawrence
Anna Leigh Marshall
MaryAnn Moon
Jodi Newton
Vanetta Newton
Lo Rowan
Christen Sloderbeck
Pamela Smith
Anne Stone
Jewel Littleton Williams
Mary Wyatt