Administrative Assistant II, HCAS

Date Posted: July 16, 2018
Job Number: CORE65

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The Administrative Assistant II in Howard College of Arts and Sciences (HCAS) provides essential support for the college’s program of learning assessment and for strategic efforts to enhance effectiveness; manages the General Education: Core Curriculum office and all Communication Arts and Cultural Perspectives courses; supports projects and initiatives administered by the associate deans within their respective areas of responsibility.

Duties include:

  • Provide Essential Support for Learning Assessment and Initiatives to Enhance Effectiveness
    • Serve as a general resource for faculty and staff regarding assessment software systems: Taskstream and Aqua.
    • Coordinate planning for assessment-related events and workshops.
    • Collaborate with designated associate dean to construct rubrics, documentation, and assessment reports using Taskstream and Aqua.
    • Assist designated associate dean monitor progress on strategic outcomes.
  • Manage General Education: Core Curriculum Office 
    • Serve as the key point person for all instructors. Coordinate hiring process of new adjunct faculty and LOA’s of existing faculty. Insure that instructors have appropriate resources to teach effectively in consultation with the Communication Arts (CA) director and the Cultural Perspectives (CP) director.
    • Interact professionally with students and faculty requiring assistance.
    • Hire and oversee student workers.
    • Monitor budgets and process financial transactions.
    • Coordinate planning for the General Education: Core awards reception and other events related to student recruitment and faculty development.
    • Provide logistical support to directors of CA and CP: document and monitor financial expenditures, compile faculty schedule requests, distribute agenda and produce minutes for faculty meetings, schedule space and provide logistical support for faculty meetings.
  • Manage Communication Arts (CA) and Cultural Perspectives (CP) Courses
    • Create all CA and CP classes in Banner. Schedule CA and CP sections in appropriate rooms using university software tools in conjunction with the registrar’s office. Monitor course enrollments and enter course permits as needed. Each semester approximately 40 sections of CA and 40 sections of CP are offered, amounting to roughly 12% of all credit hours generated at the undergraduate level campus-wide.
    • Coordinate faculty book orders, insure timely submission.
    • Act in an advisory capacity in matters related to student placement (e.g., CA 102 eligibility for entering freshmen).
    • Create and administer online course evaluations for CA and CP. Collate results of CA and CP courses evaluations. Produce evaluation reports, and distribute same to course instructors.
  • Support Operations within the Office of the Dean
    • Act as liaison and central point of contact for diverse constituents across campus.
    • Schedule and help to organize meetings with faculty and administrators.
    • Provide logistical support for faculty development and training events.
  • Administration of Special Projects 
    • Coordinate logistics and planning for all aspects of the J. Roderick Davis Lecture Series, a campus wide public event in the fall semester.
    • Support planning for other special projects and events as requested.
Required Qualifications

To apply for this job, your resume and/or cover letter must show that you have:

  • Two years' of college
  • Three years' experience in positions requiring the candidate to exercise and develop any of the following kinds of competencies:
    • (1) Interacting professionally with and responding to customers, clients, patients, or students
    • (2) Managing organizational budgets and staff support operations
    • (3) Planning and organizing projects and events
    • (4) Learning and mastering new software tools

Qualified applicants will also be required to have the following skills, attributes, and abilities:

  • Self-directed and able to complete projects on schedule
  • Communication skills and adaptability to learn new technologies
Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the social sciences, humanities, business, education, or fields related to the helping professions
  • Experience working in a school or higher education setting 

Submit a resume and cover letter with current salary/salary requirements to:

Office of Human Resources
Samford University
800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL 35229
FAX: 205-726-4027

Resumes received after the posting is removed will not be considered.

Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Employer.