Date Posted: September 01, 2020
Start Date: January 25, 2021
End Date: May 06, 2021
Classification: Federal Work Study
Pay: $ 10.00 per hour
Job Description
Exam Proctor job duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Administer exams taken in the Testing Center, which includes distributing and collecting exam materials, and may also require reading and/or scribing an exam for a student
• Monitor several students taking exams in a classroom setting
• Monitor individual students taking an exam in a private room setting
• Monitor video surveillance as students take exams
• Complete necessary paperwork for each exam
• Deliver completed exams
• Follow all written and verbal directions provided by Disability Resources staff
• Maintain test security to ensure confidentiality and test integrity by enforcing the policies of Disability Resources and the student’s Testing Contract
• Maintain a professional and pleasant atmosphere to create an environment for optimal test performance for all students
• Maintain confidentiality of students receiving accommodations due to a disability

Being hired as an Exam Proctor does not guarantee that you will be used for all or even any of the test sessions. The number of hours assigned may vary over the course of the semester, depending upon the number of students who request to use the testing center.

Federal Work/Study earnings will be paid biweekly in the form of a check or direct deposit payable to the student. This award does not credit to the account of the student as payment toward University charges.

• Must be currently enrolled in a Samford graduate program (undergraduate students are not eligible to apply at this time)
• Must maintain good academic standing (Disability Resources will confirm academic standing with your program)
• Availability between the hours of 8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday
• Provide excellent, professional customer service and possess strong people skills
• Have the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing and follow written instructions
• Willing to learn how to operate various forms of assistive technology in order to set up and troubleshoot exams
• Work in a team atmosphere with frequent interruptions
• Uphold the confidentiality and integrity of all exams
• Proctors must be comfortable dealing with difficult situations and following established procedures
• Reliability is essential; proctors must be on time and dependable
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Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Employer.