Published on March 17, 2020 by Felicia Belter, Program Assistant, Office of Spiritual Life  

I am coordinating the GMS (Global Missions Scholars) out of the Office of Spiritual Life. We are a program that supports students who feel called to live as global disciple makers after graduation and who are leveraging their major for the sake of the gospel. We typically meet as a cadre for an hour to study Jeff Lewis’s God's Heart For The Nations. We decided to meet online today! I put everyone in a group chat and because we all had iPhones, we FaceTimed our meeting. However, this could have been held on Voom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. They each have maximum participants, length of call, etc.

Students shared their challenges (being home, being away from Samford, online class platforms, fears, anxieties, family dynamics, etc.). We prayed together, laughed together and talked about God’s sovereignty through all of the changes. I encourage other staff/faculty to reach out to small groups (we had 14) to connect, pray and support one another. Students are as anxious about these days as the rest of us. Even in the challenges of these days, we are able to live out: For God, For Learning, Forever!