Thank you for being a SAMbassador! Use the resources below to demonstrate your loyalty and passion for our students on April 13-14. Every post, email and text you share will contribute to the success of #SUBigGive and help us achieve our goal of 1500 donors to honor Andy and Jeanna Westmoreland and make a difference in the lives of students. Thank you for your support!

Communication Calendar

Samford will be sending targeted emails and making social media posts beginning March 22. But your peer-to-peer outreach is essential to our success. Here's a suggested communications timeline for your own messaging:

March 29

Announce #SUBigGive on social media! Tag your former classmates and friends to encourage them to save the date. Share the official save the date video.

March 29-April 2

Encourage your friends to join you as a Giving Day ambassador. You can send them to the SAMbassador page or contact Rochelle Harrison at

April 5-9

Update your Facebook profile picture with our Big Give frame.

April 6

Attend virtual SAMbassador training.  You will learn how to spread the word about the Big Give, add your own story, and even track your influence in real-time.

Register Now

April 12

Remind your friends that tomorrow is #SUBigGive.

April 13

Make your gift at

Post throughout the day and tag your friends to remind them to #SUBigGive.

Give Today

April 14

Share the results and thank you video.

Sample Email


Dear _______:

Join me April 13-14 to celebrate the return of Samford’s Big Give! For 36 hours, we’ll come together to celebrate the legacy and leadership of Jeanna and Andy Westmoreland in recognition of their upcoming retirement. All gifts, large and small, will help spark initiatives to enhance diversity in the Samford campus community and support student scholarships.

The Big Give has always been a hallmark opportunity for us to show the world what it means to be a Samford Bulldog and how our collective impact makes a difference in the world.

Join me by making a gift today at and spreading the word about the #SUBigGive to help us reach our goal and support opportunities that are truly life-changing. You can direct your gift to any of the areas listed above or to an area of campus most meaningful to you.

When Samford Bulldogs come together, we know that amazing things happen—and the world is better for it!



P.S. Help keep the momentum of the Big Give going on social media. Use the hashtag #SUBigGive every time you post to contribute to the success of the Big Give.

Social Media Tips and Examples

Update your Facebook profile picture with our Big Give frame filter and share your support via social media and text with other Samford alumni and friends encouraging them to participate. You can tag other alumni and Samford friends, maybe share memories or photos – anything that encourages the Samford spirit. Please encourage gifts to be made before 7 p.m. on April 14. Use hashtag #SUBigGive.

Here are some suggested posts:

I just gave to #SUBigGive and encourage you to as well!

I supported ______ because I care about _____. Make your #SUBigGive gift today! Make your gift today at

Big things start small! Any amount makes a difference. Please help us honor Andy and Jeanna Westmoreland and make the world better! #SUBigGive

...You get the idea!

Social Media Downloads

Be a GiveCampus Advocate

GiveCampus connects donors and their peers by making giving to and getting involved with Samford’s Big Give easy, fun, and rewarding! You can spread the word about the Big Give, add your own story, and even track your influence in real time. Here’s how to become an effective Advocate in 4 easy steps:

1) Sign up for a GiveCampus user account.

Visit the Samford GiveCampus page and click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right of the page. Once you sign up and log into your GiveCampus user account, you can become an Advocate for the Big Give by taking one—or better yet, all!—of the following steps outlined below.

2) Consider your own gift.

Great advocates lead by example, and you can leverage your gift to encourage others to give!

Offering a Match means that you’ll give a donation for each dollar or donor that the campaign receives up to your specified maximum gift amount. You can restrict Matches based on affiliation groups, class years, or even a specific group of friends.

Offering a Challenge means that you’ll give a gift only if the campaign receives a certain number of donors or dollars after you set up the Challenge. Challenges cannot be restricted to specific donor groups.

3) Create a Personal Plea.

A Personal Plea is a quick video in which you tell the Samford community why you’re excited about the campaign, and why others should get involved. Filming a short video on your cell phone is all you need to do to add your story to the campaign! After recording your video, head to the Advocates tab on the campaign page to upload your Personal Plea.

Tips for a Great Video

4) Share the campaign link.

The built-in sharing buttons (located underneath the campaign video and on the Advocates tab) generate a campaign link that is unique to you. When you use these buttons to share the campaign link while logged into your GiveCampus user account, the number of clicks, gifts, and dollars generated by your outreach will be tracked next to your name on the Advocates tab. Share on Facebook and Twitter to blast your friends’ feeds with news about the campaign, and share over text and email to make direct, can’t-ignore, peer-to-peer asks. Share early and share often!

Have questions about becoming an advocate for the Big Give?
Contact Rochelle Harrison at 205-726-2302 or