From scholarships, to faculty and academic programs, to facilities and athletics, you'll find a variety of opportunities to support Samford's mission of nurturing intellect, creativity and faith.

The Samford Fund

The university’s highest priority for annual giving, it is the means by which Samford alumni, parents and friends can most effectively contribute their financial support for undergraduate education and student life. Gifts to the Samford Fund are unrestricted and go to areas of highest impact. This fund makes up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of education.

Academic Programs

You may designate your gift to any of Samford’s colleges or to a specific department or school within them. It will be put to use right away to create outstanding learning experiences for students. Learn more about school giving opportunities by visiting the school-specific giving pages below.

Academic Scholarships

Gifts for scholarships help to ensure that a high-quality college education is accessible to hardworking students from all backgrounds. You may designate your gift to Samford’s General Scholarship Fund, the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, or scholarship funds in the colleges, schools and departments.


The Samford University Athletic Department offers an intercollegiate program that promotes intellectual maturity, Christian character and program excellence. The Samford Athletics Bulldog Club is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide and secure financial support for more than 350 student-athletes who compete in the school's 17 men's and women's NCAA athletic programs. Find out more about the Bulldog Club, or give now to any of our athletic programs via our secure online giving form.

Emergency Assistance Funds

Samford maintains two emergency assistance funds to assist students and employees in a special time of need. Donations received for the Employee Emergency Assistance Fund or the Student Emergency Assistance Fund are invested and paid out according to the direction of an anonymous appointed committee of Samford employees. Emergencies must result from an event beyond the student or employee’s control, such as fire, act of nature, theft of property, illness or death in immediate family, and loss of employment. Students are eligible to receive up to $500 per year and $1,500 in lifetime assistance. Employees are eligible to receive up to $1,500 in one-time assistance and $5,000 in lifetime assistance.

Apply for Assistance


New Buildings

New buildings at Samford University are funded by private support. When you make a gift supporting Samford University facilities, you’re also investing in people—students and faculty who study, explore, collaborate, grow and compete inside.

 Recent Highlights

Building Modernization

Private funds also support the modernization of buildings like the Leslie S. Wright Fine Arts Center, Harwell Goodwin Davis Library, Greek Housing and the College of Health Sciences building.

Wright Center Seat Campaign

After 40 years of service, the floor seating in the Wright Center will soon be replaced. For a limited time, you can sponsor a new seat.

Your gift will be recognized by an engraved plate on the seat or seats you sponsor, listing your name or the name of a friend or loved one you wish to honor or memorialize. A seat can be sponsored by a gift of $500. Payment plans are available.

Questions? Contact Claude Rhea in the School of the Arts at 205-726-4081.

Sponsor a Seat

Harrison Theatre Seat Campaign

In honor of our 40th year in Harrison Theatre, we are excited to offer a special opportunity for alumni and patrons to adopt a seat in the newly renovated theatre.

With a $500 contribution, you can “take a seat” in Harrison Theatre. Payment plans are available.

Questions? Contact Claude Rhea in the School of the Arts at 205-726-4081.

Sponsor a Seat

Faculty Support

At the heart of Samford University's pursuit of excellence are faculty: scholars and scientists who advance knowledge while teaching, challenging, and guiding students. These are the men and women in whom Samford’s educational mission lives and breathes.

There is no more effective means of enabling Samford to compete in recruiting and retaining top academic talent than by establishing endowed faculty positions.

Naming Opportunities in Support of Faculty
Type of Fund *Minimum Endowment
Deanship or Institute Directorship $5,000,000
Chair $1,500,000
Coach $2,000,000
University Professorship $1,000,000
Professorship **$500,000
Faculty Scholar ***$250,000
*The gift levels described above represent university-wide minimums; specific colleges or programs may have higher minimums. For coaching positions, each sport may have different minimums. In most cases, endowments support existing university positions. With appropriate institutional approvals, new positions may be created but require substantially higher investments.
**Alternatively: $25,000 annually for a minimum of three years
***Alternatively: $12,500 annually for a minimum of three years

If you are interested in one or more of these naming opportunities, please contact Doug Wilson, Assistant Vice President for University Advancement, or call 205-726-4266.

Start a New Fund

Endowed gifts support the university over the long term. These gifts create permanent funds where the principal of the gift is invested to generate earnings that benefit Samford for generations to come.

Endowed scholarships enable you to create an ongoing investment in the university as well as help students by providing scholarship aid. They also introduce a more personal element, as they can carry a family name or can be named in honor or memory of a beloved faculty member.

This is your chance to change someone's life. By making a gift for scholarships, you can help someone achieve the dream of a college education.

Samford graduates are the university's most important contribution to the future, and scholarships ensure Samford is able to help deserving students succeed regardless of their financial circumstances.

Scholarships and fellowships also help Samford attract top-achieving undergraduate and graduate students, raising the university's academic profile and creating a vibrant learning environment that benefits everyone.

With a minimum gift of $25,000, you can create a permanent endowment fund in your own name or that of someone important to you. This fund might support scholarships, seminars, faculty, library resources, a department or college, research funding, athletics, student experience funds, and more.

Each year, a portion of the fund’s balance (three- and five-year annualized returns of 7.8% and 7.6% respectively) is transferred to support the Samford program you have chosen. The core of the fund remains invested for long-term growth.

Establishing a New Fund
Type of Fund Minimum Amount
Annual Scholarship *$6,000
Endowed Scholarship **$25,000
Endowed Athletics Scholarship $50,000
Endowed National Merit Finalist Scholarship $100,000
Endowed Presidential Scholarship $250,000
Endowed University Fellow $500,000
*Alternatively: $1,500 annually for a minimum of 4 years.
**Alternatively: $5,000 annually for a minimum of 5 years.

If you're interested in establishing a fund at Samford University, the best way to get started is to contact the University Advancement office at 1-877-782-5867. We are available to help you and your advisors through the planning process. There are many creative ways to structure your gift to achieve your financial and philanthropic goals.

How do I set up a scholarship at Samford?

You can create a scholarship in your name or in honor of someone important to you and choose the criteria for recipients, such as students with a particular major, residents of a certain area, first-generation students, and financial need and/or merit requirements. The minimum gift depends on whether you want to create an endowed scholarship, which will support students in perpetuity, or make current-use gifts that immediately and directly are awarded to students. Endowed scholarships require a $25,000 minimum or $5,000 annually for a total of five years. Gifts of any size are welcome and may be directed to any of the colleges’ or departments’ existing scholarship funds.

If I establish a scholarship, will I be involved in the selection of student recipients?

Scholarship recipients are chosen by Samford’s Office of Financial Aid or by leaders in the corresponding college or department. Donors do not participate in the selection process, although scholarship recipients are encouraged to connect with their donors after they receive their awards with thank-you notes and other meaningful communication.

How do I make a gift to support scholarships in a particular college or department?

Gifts of any size are welcome and may be directed to any existing college or department scholarship fund. If you don't know the exact name of the fund, that's OK; just make a note saying your gift is for the [Name of College/Department] Scholarship Fund, and we'll contact you with any questions.

What is the preferred scholarship fund for gifts?

Whether you seek to support need-based or merit-based scholarships, gifts to Samford’s General Scholarship Fund are always appreciated.

If I want to support high-achieving students, how should I designate my gift?

As part of Samford University’s commitment to excellence, the Frank P. Jr. and Virginia Samford Scholarship Endowment provides funds for our Presidential Scholarships, the most distinguished and competitive of the academic awards offered to high-achieving students. Gifts of any size are welcome.